Dot Com

For your convenience, and in order to make me feel like a big deal, Sew Lindsay Sew is now a real life DOT COM. No more wonky blog address that has “wordpress dot whatever” mixed in there. Honestly guys, I didn’t even have my own blog address memorized – how bad is that? Now, to visit my blog, simply type Woot!DotComThis is something I had intended to do in honor of my 100th blog post, but the idea was overshadowed by the excitement surrounding my 100 No Pressure Projects list.  It doesn’t cost very much for a web site domain, but I had always resisted on principle, wanting to “earn” the privilege by proving to myself that I could keep up with the blog. So here it is. Another blog milestone! Celebrate! LindsaySignature


Check it out… my blog is featured as a “Favorite Sewing Blog” on the homepage of We All Sew! Be sure to check out the site – there are some other great blogs featured, as well as other resources for internet-savvy sewers.

Featured Sewing Blog


And with that, I’m off to the fabric store. Happy Saturday!