Lindsay’s (not-for-knitting) Bag

Remember when I made my roommate Katie this whimsical knitting bag for Christmas?

On the Sew Lindsay Sew blog: Amanda's knitting bag pattern review

I recently decided I wanted a bag of my own! I was keeping skeins of yarn in one of my favorite reusable grocery store “green bags,” and to be honest, I just wanted the bag back in my collection for grocery purposes.

The only thing is — I don’t knit. So this is really more of a crochet bag, because I crochet. But the pattern is technically called Amanda’s Knitting Bag by the Sometimes Crafter, so it feels blasphemous to call it a “Crochet Bag.” So I affectionately call this Lindsay’s (not-for-knitting) Bag. 🙂

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Katie’s Knitting Bag

I’ve lived with my roommate Katie for almost five years. She’s neat for lots of reasons. But one major common thread that brings us together is that she loves crafty things as much as I do! Okay, she’s not nearly as ridiculous as I am, but she has an appreciation for it all the same.


Just before Christmas, I taught Katie the basics of crochet. She was out of town for the holidays so I didn’t need to have her Christmas gift ready until she returned in January. The plan was to get Katie some of her own crochet supplies and a sew a neat little crochet hook holder while she was gone. Continue reading

A Crochet Journey

My freshman year of college, when most other college freshmen were out making bad decisions, I learned how to crochet. I made a few  lopsided afghans and then abandoned the art. This was in the pre-YouTube, pre-blog-tutorial days. I was confused by my store-bought directions and frustrated that my projects looked mediocre – so I gave up.

Fast forward to the last few months of grad school last spring. Hours upon hours were spent working on capstone projects and case studies and I needed an excuse to take small breaks at my  desk. Something in me made me want to try crochet again (I think that “something” was severe procrastination, but I digress). I pulled out my crochet hooks and searched for some YouTube videos, and crochet was once again a part of my life!

I started with a little flower. (Using this tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets)

Crochet Flower

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