A rag quilt for baby Logan

Back in May 2014, I introduced you to my friend Amanda when I sewed a “Mustaches & Elephants” quilt for her soon-to-be-born baby boy, Liam. It was one of my very first rag quilt projects, in a size/layout that I’ve repeated for many new babies since!

On the Sew Lindsay Sew blog: Mustache and Elephant Rag Quilt

Mustaches & Elephants Quilt

This October, four-year-old Liam is going to have a new baby sister – Logan! And… spoiler alert… Auntie SewLindsaySew made a quilt for Logan, too. I know you’re shocked. ūüėČ

Logan’s nursery will have a “woodland animal” theme, so I chose a deer/owl/squirrel fabric as my starter print and then worked from there. All of the fabrics are from Joann Fabrics.¬†I think I say this with every project, but… this might be my favorite fabric combo yet.


But the best part about Logan’s quilt is that I knew her name in advance and could incorporate it into the quilt. I used the “My ABCs” Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern from Diane Bohn with FromBlankPages, which I won a few years ago¬†in a giveaway Diane was hosting on Instagram. I’ve used the letters a few times for other projects (like this amazing Winnie pillow) but never a baby quilt. Since Amanda and her husband Josh shared Logan’s name so early on, I was happy to do it with this project!


Of course, no SewLindsaySew project is complete without a behind-the-scenes photo of Winnie getting all up in its business. Every time I turned around, she was making herself right at home. Here’s a pic from when I was in the process of adding the name.


As it turns out, the color scheme I chose for this quilt is also very similar to what Amanda has chosen for the baby’s room, and I didn’t even know it. Coincidental and magical! I guess that’s why we are friends. ūüôā

See you soon, Baby Logan!img_0981



Sewing with friends

What’s better than sewing on a day off? Sewing with friends on a day off!

Since we all had the day off for Labor Day, my friends Joe and Chris came over today for a little sewing party.


This isn’t the first time we’ve had a sewing party. I taught them the basics many years ago, when Joe sewed a fall themed tissue box cover for his classroom, and Chris sewed a pumpkin. I think this was seven, maybe eight years ago? Hard to believe it’s been that long since we last sewed together!


Joe and Chris recently got a dog – an adorable corgi named Ellie. As a dog-warming gift, I sewed Ellie a reversible bandana with a pocket that slips over her collar. I recently started sewing these for my roommate Katie‘s dog, Winnie, too.¬†I really like the way they slide over the collar for the bandana “look” without actually having to tie anything around the dog’s neck.


Last weekend, Joe and Chris saw that someone at the local farmer’s market was selling these bandanas for $12/each. They decided they’d rather pick the fabric on their own and learn to sew the bandanas themselves. So today they stopped at the store to pick up some fabric, and then came over to sew a few more for Ellie.

Winnie must have known that today’s project was all about dogs because she was happy to stick by Joe’s side as he sewed.


First I taught Joe how to make a reversible bandana, while Chris played with my Perler beads… because no craft room is completely without a bucket of Perler beads, right? Chris stuck with the corgi theme of the day by making a corgi-butt out of the beads! LOL.


Then Joe showed Chris his bandana-making skills, and they teamed up to make a few more.¬†I am so proud of them! They didn’t require very much supervision and did a great job whipping these up.


When they finished sewing for Ellie, they decided to make an extra bandana for their neighbor’s dog. I hope their neighbor is impressed by their sewing skills!


I wish we had gotten a photo of the “reverse” side of these bandanas. The fabric combos were lovely!

Once Joe and Chris got home, I got a “virtual” fashion show of Ellie modeling her new bandanas via text. I love the way this one matches the coloring in her fur. Ellie is ready for fall!


There are a lot of dog bandana tutorials out there, but I like this one best, the Reversible Over The Collar Dog Bandana by Cut Out and Keep. Not only does it have the features that I like best in a dog bandana (reversible, slips over the collar) but the post also includes measurements for five different sizes – Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. I make the medium size for Winnie, because I like them to be a little bigger. Joe and Chris made small, since they like them to be a little smaller.

If you have a four-legged friend in your life, I would highly recommend this cute and simple little project! Your dog will love you for it. ūüôā

Happy sewing!


PS – Remember my list of “100 No Pressure Projects?” One of my goals was to teach my friends to sew something during a sewing party, so I can officially check that item off the list! Wahoo!


Life on the rocks: Colorado Springs 2017

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Colorado Springs with my friends Joe and Chris – just for fun. A vacation for the sake of vacation! And let me tell you… we had the time of our lives.

We climbed rocks!


And mountains!


We took a train to the summit of Pikes Peak – 14,000+ feet…


Our heads were truly in the clouds!


We braved a cave!


We walked in the footsteps of Olympic athletes at the Olympic Training Center!


And – the highlight of the trip – WE FED WOLVES (Disclaimer: We did this at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. Do not try this at home).


Sooooo… where does sewing fit into this story, you ask? Well, there are two sewing stories.

It’s rare that I take the time to sew for myself, but the deeper I get into this sewing journey, the more I realize how useful this skill really is. And this time, it played a part in my vacation prep!

Colorado Trip – Sewing Project #1

I really wanted to have a simple travel purse/bag for all of our adventures. I wanted it to be small so that I would only need to bring the bare minimum with me on each outing – cash, ID, credit card, phone, lip balm, car keys.

I really, really, really love the Zip and Go bag from Dog Under My Desk that I made a few years ago using a pair of Mickey Mouse boxer shorts. It’s my go-to bag every time I visit a Disney Park! But, while the Mickey Mouse fabric is perfect for a Disney Park, I thought it might be a little out of place out there in the real world. Plus, I thought the red/black combo might look a little “loud” in our photos, so I was looking for something a little more subtle.


So, a week before the trip, I whipped up a gray, polka dot Zip and Go using fabric and hardware I already had on hand. I only had to purchase the zippers! The bag is lined with a solid teal fabric… which is not pictured, but I know it’s there! ūüėČ I had to add a little bit of color to the bag, even if it’s hidden on the inside!


The bag was PERFECT for the trip! I am so glad I took the time to make it happen. I really adore the simple utility of the Zip & Go. Here’s a pic of it in action! We were hiking Helen Hunt Falls and I was giving a stern pose in front of a stern sign. You can see that I’m wearing the bag in a cross-body fashion for the hike.

Colorado Trip – Sewing Project #2

While I was packing for the trip, I revisited the rules on the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife web site. We had signed up for the special “Alpha Tour” because we really wanted to have one-on-one interaction with the wolves, but for obvious reasons, there are some pretty unique safety rules in place for those participating in the experience. For example, while interacting with the wolves, you cannot wear fur (even faux fur) or sheepskin. You also cannot have fringe, tassels, etc. on your clothes.


These are the exact wolves we met! Raksha and Isha – they are Arctic wolves and only 10 months old.

While revisiting the rules, I realized that even skinny jeans were banned. Well, ever since I identified the need for skinny jeans in my life a few years ago, I have pretty much only worn skinny jeans. I’d outgrown or worn out all of my non-skinny options.

So, just a day prior to our departure, I headed over to Old Navy to grab some boot cut jeans for my wolf adventure. And of course… they needed to be hemmed. Once again, I experienced the magic of hemming jeans and maintaining the original hem. It’s one of my favorite sewing techniques. So useful and impressive!


And honestly, I’m glad that I had two pairs of jeans on the trip. I ended up wearing the new jeans quite a bit, and I realized that the skinny jeans would not have been the best option for hiking, etc.


So there you have it. Another vacation, a slew of life experiences, a million photos – and two more sewing projects for the books! 

Till next time!


In hot pursuit of an adventure: our experience at International Hot Glass

If there’s one thing I love more than sewing, it’s mini-adventures. I call them mini-adventures because I’m not talking about climbing Mount Everest, here. I’m talking about one-day experiences that typically include one or more of the following elements (mix and match as you please):

  • Close to home (no more than a day trip away)
  • A “hidden gem” activity that most people have never heard of (something more interesting¬†than eating out or going to a movie)
  • An activity with local flair (I love being¬†a tourist in my own zip code)
  • Trying¬†something new (even if it’s just new to me or my friends)
  • And of course, as someone who writes a sewing blog… bonus points if it’s a crafty activity!

Past¬†adventures that I’ve participated in, that I feel meet some of the criteria I’ve outlined above:

Well shoot, look at that long list of adventures! And to think there’s still so many more on my list that I have yet to conquer. For that reason, I¬†try to plan¬†a mini-adventure every year for¬†my birthday. In years past, I’ve gone camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort (hence the archery lessons!) or dragged all of my friends to one of those “make a fancy canvas painting while drinking wine” type places.

Archery lessons for my 25th birthday with my previous roomie, Elizabeth.

Archery lessons for my 25th birthday with my previous roomie, Elizabeth.

This year, I decided to go crafty with a glass art workshop!

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Bye Bye Bye (Brittany)

I’ve lived in Florida for almost ten years, and for the most part, it’s pretty great. Here are some of the best¬†things about living in Florida:

  • I¬†don’t have to drag a winter coat around while¬†doing my Christmas shopping.
  • Outdoor¬†seating at restaurants and bars all year long.
  • Publix subs¬†are the bomb.

But on the flip side, here are the worst parts about living in Florida:

  • Water skiing is stressful, because the alligators are like, “stay out of my lake.”
  • Almost¬†everything melts in the car… credit cards, deodorant, Mickey ears (the HAT, not the ice cream)… seriously, everything.
  • There’s always someone¬†moving away.

Let me elaborate on that last bullet point. Living and working in Central Florida generally means being surrounded by a lot of talented people who have followed their dreams. Which for the most part is awesome, because everybody is¬†confident and ambitious¬†and¬†ready for adventure. But sadly, hanging with Dream Chasers means there’s a high probability that they’ll be¬†just as open to the idea of chasing their dreams right out of Florida. Which means that I’m constantly saying farewell to wonderful, talented friends who are moving on to other magical¬†opportunities.

Mickey Mouse in "The Moving Day" (1936)

Mickey Mouse in “The Moving Day” (1936)

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DONUT underestimate the power of paper piecing

This post is about donuts. And paper piecing.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…
Bright frosted DONUTS¬†that haven’t been bitten‚Ķ
Quilty techniques on the gifts Santa brings… 
These are a few of my favorite things.

I looooooooooooooove donuts.


Donuts complete me.

So does my roommate Katie. When one of us¬†says, “I want donuts,” the other roommate¬†says,¬†“NOM” and then we’re in the car en route¬†to our local donut provider in a matter of minutes. We have donut ornaments on¬†our Christmas tree. And the dog has donut toys.


I’ve already told you about how Katie is crafty¬†(or rather,¬†“Krafty”)¬†so this year’s Christmas present for Katie was a combination of our mutual love for both donuts and crafts.

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It’s your birthday, baby!

Meet my friend Laura — we have known each other since we were in kindergarten and she is still one of my dearest friends.


Eighth grade volleyball, dorky haircuts… and proof that we turned out alright in adulthood despite the dweeby photos.

Laura is¬†pregnant with her first child and due this month! When your¬†childhood BFF is pregnant, and you’re a fan of handmade gifts¬†—¬†the pressure is high!¬†When I first heard Laura was pregnant, I knew I wanted to make her something really special, but I wasn’t sure what it should be.¬†Although I adore the¬†rag quilts I made for baby Liam and baby Sophia¬†last year, I wanted the project for¬†Laura to be one-of-a-kind — not a repeat of one of my previous projects. Laura also sews (Reason #923498723 why I love her) and has made a number of items for her baby’s nursery, so making another quilt didn’t feel very earth-shattering since she had already conquered rag quilts herself. ¬†I was also looking for a¬†project that would stand the test of time. Continue reading

SEW ALL THE GIFTS! (Happy Birthday, Morgan)

Another friend, another birthday gift, another blog post! I know, this is starting to get a little predictable. But I can’t help it – my friends are awesome and they all deserve handmade goods.

The other day, I was working on a project that wasn’t going well, so I gave myself¬†a pep talk — “Lindsay, if this doesn’t work out, it’s okay. You can just buy a gift instead.” But¬†my own brain immediately argued with itself. “No you can’t!¬†ALL THE GIFTS MUST BE¬†HANDMADE! ALL OF THEM!” Thats when¬†I realized I had a problem. A gift-making problem.


But hey… there are worse problems to be had. And my friends sure aren’t complaining. ūüėČ

Now on to¬†the birthday gift post — today, we’re celebrating Morgan! Continue reading

A Cozy for Chris

Let me introduce you to my friend Chris.

I met Chris through my friend Joe.¬†The three of us¬†have spent many¬†hours¬†together as a trio! In addition to sharing a¬†love of¬†adventure, the three of us share a passion for¬†taking photos¬†— so there is plenty of photographic evidence of our adventures together.

Like¬†endurance races…

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Let’s go to the hop

Hey friends, it’s time for a blog hop!

Ummm… what’s a blog hop? That’s the first question¬†I asked when I was invited to participate.


Of course, my mind went right to this awesome Disney poster I had hanging in my bedroom growing up.

A blog hop is a way for bloggers to connect, get to know each other¬†and share each other’s blogs.¬†All I have to do is answer a few questions about my blog and writing process, and then nominate two other bloggers to do the same!

I was nominated by Jaime Johnson with Jaime Sews. Jaime has heaps of “real life” sewing experience so¬†garments are a breeze for her… honestly, I don’t know her “in real life” but I’m pretty sure she could whip up a perfect, wearable item with her eyes closed. I’m so envious! She makes some really adorable clothes for her little ones and¬†¬†has etsy shops for both handmade items and fabric. Check her out!

And now, onto the hoppy questions.

Why do I write?

I’ve always been a writer, although I didn’t label myself as one in the early years. When I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, my closest friend and I used to play a game called “mail” where we’d write little letters, magazines and even “junk mail” ads¬†for¬†our stuffed animals and dolls. We’d distribute said collateral accordingly and then spend time reading each¬†other’s notes to our inanimate audience.

In those days, I also brought home stacks of books from the library and read incessantly, which led to quite a bit of story writing. I think I was the only one in my class who got really psyched about the annual story writing competition we had in my elementary school.


Getting my Karen Brewer fix.

I studied communication and public relations in my undergraduate years and my career choices have led me to roles that largely focus on writing.

But WHY do I write? It basically comes down to this: I’m not a smooth talker. I’d be a terrible salesperson, lawyer or motivational speaker – but I bet I’d be pretty awesome at those things if I had 20 minutes to write out a thorough response each¬†time it was my turn to talk.


Words don’t fall out of my mouth as nicely as they come though my hands onto paper. I spend more time than I should in my head, regretting things I’ve just stupidly said out loud and wishing I could reword them. That isn’t the case with writing. I can make sure everything¬†is¬†just so¬†before hitting the “publish” button.

I chose to blog about sewing and crafts for a few reasons.

  1. I don’t have a lot of people in my “real” life who want to talk about these things. Blogging = built-in community!
  2. This blog¬†serves as a neat archive to look at all of the projects I’ve completed (and also gives me the ability to quickly share these¬†accomplishments with friends and family around the world).
  3. I don’t think¬†I’d have learned nearly as much about sewing had it not been for all of the resources available¬†on the internet — especially from bloggers.

What am I working on?

As far as the crafts go — I recently shared my One Hundred No Pressure Projects idea, so lots of my upcoming projects will likely¬†be from that list – but not all! With¬†fall upon us, I really want to get started on Christmas gifts so I’m not blindsided when I realize Christmas is just days away. Making gifts is so hard because I have to keep everything a secret during the creation process!

Tina Fey understands.

Tina Fey understands.

How does this blog differ from others of its genre?

I’m new(ish) to sewing and new(ish) to public blogging. Sometimes I feel intimidated by the greatness of other craft blogs, or I feel dumb asking questions about the blogosphere as a whole (e.g., the cluelessness that ensued when I was initially invited to this blog hop).¬†I hope my blog doesn’t intimidate other beginners because for the most part, I consider myself a beginner too. One of my (unofficial)¬†long term blog goals is to write tutorials for beginners so I can help them¬†have¬†stress-free sewing experiences.

How does my writing process work?

I’ll often keep blog drafts¬†in the queue for a long time before I publish them. Right now, I have 30 drafts just floating around in there.¬†I sort of jump around between blog posts, developing the actual¬†content until one starts to stand out above the rest.

Then I revise like a CRAZY PERSON. Right now this particular post is on version 20!¬†Lately I’ve been trying to be less of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing.¬†I have no choice but to be a perfectionist when I write in the professional world, so¬†it’s hard to write in a more relaxed fashion here – even when I make a conscious effort to do so.


That said,¬†when¬†I deem my blog post “complete”¬†and it’s ready to go – it’s READY TO GO. This site¬†gives me the opportunity to schedule posts in advance, but I rarely use that feature. I have such a hard time holding onto completed posts and I want to publish them immediately. If I try to wait more than 24¬†hours, my brain is like…


When a post is done, I¬†just want to share, share, share. Partially because I’m excited and partially because I know I’ll continue to edit¬†if I don’t! ūüėČ

Okay, that’s enough questions for me. Now it’s my turn to pass the baton onto two more¬†bloggers!

First up, Leasa, who writes for Project Leasa and also has an etsy shop, A Piece O’Lease. Leasa’s blog is a lifestyle blog covering “Parenting, Wife-ing, Working, Crafting…. Everything!” She will often¬†showcase her¬†incredible quilting projects or things she has made for her cute son, Levi. I also follow Leasa on instagram,¬†where she recently shared¬†photos of a skirt she sewed using¬†licensed Simpsons fabric —¬†I got totally giddy at the prospect of incorporating licensed character fabric into grown-up clothing.

Second baton¬†goes to¬†Heather, whom I happen to know “in real life” as we worked in the same department for many years. She writes for Designed to Thrive, and also has an etsy shop¬†with a variety of artwork, including intricate zentangle designs and customizable prints. One important thing¬†to note about Heather’s¬†shop: half of the profits are donated to the Center for Children’s Cancer & Blood Disorders at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children! Heather’s blog and shop are fairly new, but are sure to gain a quick following with all of that good karma floating¬†around.

If you’ve made it this far in the post, kudos to you! Be sure to check out my blog friends – can’t wait to read their posts in the coming week.