Farewell, Florida Friend

I moved to Florida in late 2006 and didn’t know a single soul when I arrived. Sometimes when I step back and look at my “Florida Life,” I can’t believe how many wonderful relationships I’ve developed in eight years!

I met Jamie just a few months after arriving in Florida, so she’s always been a staple in my “Florida Life.” For about four years, we worked on the same team with side-by-side offices. It wasn’t unusual to find us taking a juggling break in the hallway. Yes –  actual juggling – flying objects and all… it’s a great stress reliever on a work day! As long as it’s done safely. 😉

An office selfie with Jamie… back in the day, before selfies were a “thing.”

Even after going our separate ways at work, we’ve always stayed in touch – especially because we both like outdoor adventure activities…

Like scuba diving – we’re both certified! The cool back-to-back pose doesn’t work under water very well when one person is floating away… oops. But J is showcasing some magnificent buoyancy skills!

Scuba with Jamie

And last summer, Jamie even got a few gals together for a day of surf lessons! Out of what felt like a zillion photos (okay – realistically, maybe 100) this was the only one where Jamie and I managed to successfully surf simultaneously.


Anyway, Jamie hails from Utah and has always been a self-proclaimed West Coast Lover, so when a career opportunity presented itself in California, she decided to make the big move! Finding out was a sad thing for us Florida folks, especially those of us that can’t imagine our Florida lives without Jamie. But since we know how much she loves all things West Coast, we knew it was bound to happen someday.

California Postcard

Of course, it’s typical for me to show my love for others via handmade crafts. So when I found this amazing Florida fabric, I knew that I had to incorporate it into whatever I created as a farewell gift for my Jamie.

Florida fabric

I chose to turn it into a little zippy pouch for J to take with her on her cross-country move! I made sure that the Florida text was centered right on the front…

Florida zipper pouch

With a variety of fun Florida graphics scattered across the back…

Florida zipper pouch

Lined the whole thing with some whimsical pink polka dot fabric… and of course, had to use a bright green zipper. Because I love fun-colored zippers. Neutral colored zippers are… meh. Not the way I roll!

photo 3

I filled the bag up with a few travel-size soaps and things, knowing that Jamie was going to be spending a few days driving across the country. And now Jamie has a little Sunshine State memento to remind her of her very own “Florida Life” while she starts her “California Life.” 

We already miss you, J! Take care of my friend, California.


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