Bye Bye Bye (Brittany)

I’ve lived in Florida for almost ten years, and for the most part, it’s pretty great. Here are some of the best things about living in Florida:

  • I don’t have to drag a winter coat around while doing my Christmas shopping.
  • Outdoor seating at restaurants and bars all year long.
  • Publix subs are the bomb.

But on the flip side, here are the worst parts about living in Florida:

  • Water skiing is stressful, because the alligators are like, “stay out of my lake.”
  • Almost everything melts in the car… credit cards, deodorant, Mickey ears (the HAT, not the ice cream)… seriously, everything.
  • There’s always someone moving away.

Let me elaborate on that last bullet point. Living and working in Central Florida generally means being surrounded by a lot of talented people who have followed their dreams. Which for the most part is awesome, because everybody is confident and ambitious and ready for adventure. But sadly, hanging with Dream Chasers means there’s a high probability that they’ll be just as open to the idea of chasing their dreams right out of Florida. Which means that I’m constantly saying farewell to wonderful, talented friends who are moving on to other magical opportunities.

Mickey Mouse in "The Moving Day" (1936)

Mickey Mouse in “The Moving Day” (1936)

The most recent “Florida casualty” is my friend Brittany, who will soon be pursuing an exciting opportunity in Texas. While I’ve only known Brittany for a little over a year, the two of us shared an office at work – and spending 40+ hours each week in an office that is intended to be a utility closet, side-by-side, through thick and thin, means that I’ve gotten to know Brittany better in one year than I’ve gotten to know some other friends and coworkers in the nine years I’ve been in Florida.

Myself, Brittany and one of our leaders, Vanessa

Myself, Brittany and one of our leaders, Vanessa

Brittany will be one of the first to tell you that I have a quirky personality and unique brand of humor – which most people don’t necessarily see or appreciate unless they spend a fairly significant amount of time working with me. While Brittany became my officemate by circumstance, not by choice, she not only came to understand my personality and humor, but actually became an advocate for it… and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Oh yeah, this is a sewing blog, right? Whoops. Let me get back on track and tell you what I made for Brittany as a farewell gift.

Two little-known facts about Brittany that only someone who shares an office with her would know (hope she doesn’t kill me for sharing these):

Little-known Fact #1: She keeps a basket of shoes in her overhead bin. Like Mr. Rogers, she changes her shoes each day when she gets to work and once again when she leaves. Only, unlike Mr. Rogers, she’s swapping in and out of heels.

Fred Rogers’ daily shoe swap… just 20-30 years prior to Brittany’s.

Little-known Fact #2: When she gets tired of wearing her fabulous jewelry, especially large necklaces, she will take them off in the middle of the day and hang them on the corner of her computer monitor – making our office feel more like Claire’s than a utility closet.

So naturally, what I needed to sew for Brittany was a jewelry roll… using shoe fabric. Yes, a little zipper pouch for Brittany to keep her jewelry while traveling – or while at work. I knew I wanted to make a jewelry roll for Brittany, and I wandered the fabric store for a long time, indecisive about what fabric to use. But when I saw the shoe fabric – I knew. This was it. Love at first sight.


I paired the fabric with some mint green zippers – and once again, it was time to bust out the One Yard Wonders jewelry roll pattern that I have made so many times over the years – like here, here and here.


I have always used plain, boring ribbon for my jewelry rolls, but this time I couldn’t pass up this minty, silver chevron ribbon.


I paired the shoe fabric with pink polka dot fabric for the ring placket and the lining…


The finished product!


Brittany is the epitome of personable, an out-of-this-world listener, a Zumba instructor extraordinaire, more structured and organized than Danny Tanner – and Texas is lucky to have her. But most importantly, she never let the box of Friday donuts leave our utility-closet-office until I came into work and was able to steal one (because you all know how much I love donuts). What I’m trying to say is that she is awesome… and I’ll miss her so much!

Did I also mention that one of the best parts about Florida is that people who leave will often come back to visit? Just sayin’!


3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bye (Brittany)

  1. Been there. Done that. Too often. I’m not being flippant ’causeI know how it hurts. Mother always used to tell me: Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold. Hope you and Brittany are golden. And Texas is a fabulous place to visit. I just returned today to Central Florida from Texas! The jewelry bag is darling, and the perfect gift. Well done.

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