A rag quilt for Baby B

I love experimenting with different patterns and projects, which means I rarely make the same thing twice. But recently, I’ve repeated some projects-from-the-past and learned the benefits of creating something familiar and dependable.

Remember the Mustaches & Elephants quilt I made for my friend Amanda? It doesn’t seem that long ago, but Amanda’s little guy, Liam, is now over a year old – it’s crazy how time flies! And Liam will soon have a buddy to hang out with on weekends, because mine and Amanda’s mutual friend Beth is now pregnant with a little boy too.

So naturally, I decided Beth’s baby boy needed to have the same quilt as Liam. Only, instead of mustaches and elephants, I went with “sports” to match the theme of the shower and the baby’s nursery. Puppies playing sports, to be more specific. Who doesn’t love puppies??? Playing sports???


I’m so thankful I made detailed notes about the exact measurements I used for Liam’s quilt right here in this blog — including an approximation of how much fabric I believed I would need in the future if I ever made the quilt again. I followed my own recommendations, and I’m so proud that I got the fabric estimation almost exactly right. I used almost every square inch of the fabric I bought for this quilt, with only a narrow strip of fabric thrown into the scrap pile. Bam!


I also completed this quilt with lightning-speed, in comparison to the first one, since I didn’t have to question everything I was doing. I completed the entire project, from start to finish, in one weekend.

Saturday: I shopped for fabric and batting, serged the edges to prevent fraying and washed/dried/ironed the supply. I also cut all the fabric squares, sewed the fabric “sandwiches” and laid them out in the pattern I wanted. Then I went to bed and hoped Winnie wouldn’t frolic through the loose squares laid out all over the floor.


Sunday: I stitched the squares into rows, and then stitched the rows into a quilt. I clipped all the seams (zzzzzz… that part takes way too long) and then threw the quilt in the washing machine for its first of three washes. The multiple washes are necessary for any rag quilt, in order to get that fluffy, “rag” quality. But there are apparently lots of benefits in gifting a well-washed sewing project – Beth’s husband commented on how good the quilt smelled. Ha. 


Showering Beth with baby quilt love!

So as much as I love being adventurous and trying new projects, I have to admit, it’s comforting to know what I’m getting myself into sometimes. And in this case, it was worth it – the quilt was a hit.

Are you a project adventurer, or do you stay within your comfort zone?


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