Hippy-Dippy Birthday

Hey y’all – today is my birthday!

Celebrating my first birthday with a Hostess cupcake... back in the day before "smash cakes" were a thing.

Celebrating my first birthday with a Hostess cupcake… back in the day before “smash cakes” were a thing.

Today’s (self-serving) blog post is all about meeeeeeeeee! And more specifically, my personality as determined by my birth date and Disney character pairing, outlined in the book Disneystrology — which “combines astrology, numerology and the magic of movies to help readers understand their own personalities.” I was introduced to the book and this concept some years ago in a team building event at work where we all learned which Disney character was matched up with our birth date, and therefore, was supposed to be a reflection of our personality.

<i>Disneystrology</i> by Lisa Finander

Disneystrology by Lisa Finander

I had to laugh when I was told my birthday, February 7, had been paired with Fillmore – the hippy-dippy Volkswagen bus from the movie Cars. My first reaction was, “Ummmmm what?” I mean, there are definitely more awkward characters out there to be associated with (Stinky Pete? Did anyone out there actually get paired with him? LOL…) but I failed to see the connection to this one at a glance.


Then I read the description for Fillmore a little closer, and the connection actually makes a lot of sense give my love of creativity and crazy ideas. Since then, I’ve been emotionally attached to this hippy-dippy bus!

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Bye Bye Bye (Brittany)

I’ve lived in Florida for almost ten years, and for the most part, it’s pretty great. Here are some of the best things about living in Florida:

  • I don’t have to drag a winter coat around while doing my Christmas shopping.
  • Outdoor seating at restaurants and bars all year long.
  • Publix subs are the bomb.

But on the flip side, here are the worst parts about living in Florida:

  • Water skiing is stressful, because the alligators are like, “stay out of my lake.”
  • Almost everything melts in the car… credit cards, deodorant, Mickey ears (the HAT, not the ice cream)… seriously, everything.
  • There’s always someone moving away.

Let me elaborate on that last bullet point. Living and working in Central Florida generally means being surrounded by a lot of talented people who have followed their dreams. Which for the most part is awesome, because everybody is confident and ambitious and ready for adventure. But sadly, hanging with Dream Chasers means there’s a high probability that they’ll be just as open to the idea of chasing their dreams right out of Florida. Which means that I’m constantly saying farewell to wonderful, talented friends who are moving on to other magical opportunities.

Mickey Mouse in "The Moving Day" (1936)

Mickey Mouse in “The Moving Day” (1936)

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Let’s go to the hop

Hey friends, it’s time for a blog hop!

Ummm… what’s a blog hop? That’s the first question I asked when I was invited to participate.


Of course, my mind went right to this awesome Disney poster I had hanging in my bedroom growing up.

A blog hop is a way for bloggers to connect, get to know each other and share each other’s blogs. All I have to do is answer a few questions about my blog and writing process, and then nominate two other bloggers to do the same!

I was nominated by Jaime Johnson with Jaime Sews. Jaime has heaps of “real life” sewing experience so garments are a breeze for her… honestly, I don’t know her “in real life” but I’m pretty sure she could whip up a perfect, wearable item with her eyes closed. I’m so envious! She makes some really adorable clothes for her little ones and  has etsy shops for both handmade items and fabric. Check her out!

And now, onto the hoppy questions.

Why do I write?

I’ve always been a writer, although I didn’t label myself as one in the early years. When I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, my closest friend and I used to play a game called “mail” where we’d write little letters, magazines and even “junk mail” ads for our stuffed animals and dolls. We’d distribute said collateral accordingly and then spend time reading each other’s notes to our inanimate audience.

In those days, I also brought home stacks of books from the library and read incessantly, which led to quite a bit of story writing. I think I was the only one in my class who got really psyched about the annual story writing competition we had in my elementary school.


Getting my Karen Brewer fix.

I studied communication and public relations in my undergraduate years and my career choices have led me to roles that largely focus on writing.

But WHY do I write? It basically comes down to this: I’m not a smooth talker. I’d be a terrible salesperson, lawyer or motivational speaker – but I bet I’d be pretty awesome at those things if I had 20 minutes to write out a thorough response each time it was my turn to talk.


Words don’t fall out of my mouth as nicely as they come though my hands onto paper. I spend more time than I should in my head, regretting things I’ve just stupidly said out loud and wishing I could reword them. That isn’t the case with writing. I can make sure everything is just so before hitting the “publish” button.

I chose to blog about sewing and crafts for a few reasons.

  1. I don’t have a lot of people in my “real” life who want to talk about these things. Blogging = built-in community!
  2. This blog serves as a neat archive to look at all of the projects I’ve completed (and also gives me the ability to quickly share these accomplishments with friends and family around the world).
  3. I don’t think I’d have learned nearly as much about sewing had it not been for all of the resources available on the internet — especially from bloggers.

What am I working on?

As far as the crafts go — I recently shared my One Hundred No Pressure Projects idea, so lots of my upcoming projects will likely be from that list – but not all! With fall upon us, I really want to get started on Christmas gifts so I’m not blindsided when I realize Christmas is just days away. Making gifts is so hard because I have to keep everything a secret during the creation process!

Tina Fey understands.

Tina Fey understands.

How does this blog differ from others of its genre?

I’m new(ish) to sewing and new(ish) to public blogging. Sometimes I feel intimidated by the greatness of other craft blogs, or I feel dumb asking questions about the blogosphere as a whole (e.g., the cluelessness that ensued when I was initially invited to this blog hop). I hope my blog doesn’t intimidate other beginners because for the most part, I consider myself a beginner too. One of my (unofficial) long term blog goals is to write tutorials for beginners so I can help them have stress-free sewing experiences.

How does my writing process work?

I’ll often keep blog drafts in the queue for a long time before I publish them. Right now, I have 30 drafts just floating around in there. I sort of jump around between blog posts, developing the actual content until one starts to stand out above the rest.

Then I revise like a CRAZY PERSON. Right now this particular post is on version 20! Lately I’ve been trying to be less of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing. I have no choice but to be a perfectionist when I write in the professional world, so it’s hard to write in a more relaxed fashion here – even when I make a conscious effort to do so.


That said, when I deem my blog post “complete” and it’s ready to go – it’s READY TO GO. This site gives me the opportunity to schedule posts in advance, but I rarely use that feature. I have such a hard time holding onto completed posts and I want to publish them immediately. If I try to wait more than 24 hours, my brain is like…


When a post is done, I just want to share, share, share. Partially because I’m excited and partially because I know I’ll continue to edit if I don’t! 😉

Okay, that’s enough questions for me. Now it’s my turn to pass the baton onto two more bloggers!

First up, Leasa, who writes for Project Leasa and also has an etsy shop, A Piece O’Lease. Leasa’s blog is a lifestyle blog covering “Parenting, Wife-ing, Working, Crafting…. Everything!” She will often showcase her incredible quilting projects or things she has made for her cute son, Levi. I also follow Leasa on instagram, where she recently shared photos of a skirt she sewed using licensed Simpsons fabric — I got totally giddy at the prospect of incorporating licensed character fabric into grown-up clothing.

Second baton goes to Heather, whom I happen to know “in real life” as we worked in the same department for many years. She writes for Designed to Thrive, and also has an etsy shop with a variety of artwork, including intricate zentangle designs and customizable prints. One important thing to note about Heather’s shop: half of the profits are donated to the Center for Children’s Cancer & Blood Disorders at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children! Heather’s blog and shop are fairly new, but are sure to gain a quick following with all of that good karma floating around.

If you’ve made it this far in the post, kudos to you! Be sure to check out my blog friends – can’t wait to read their posts in the coming week.



Guess what? This is my 99th blog post, with my 100th just around the corner! It’s taken me a pretty long time to get here, considering my first post was on October 19, 2010. But my last-minute decision to go to grad school in 2011 meant my blog took a really, really long break and I’ve recently hopped back on the sewing train. Celebrate!

In my next post, I’m going to announce a cool new idea I have up my sleeve in honor of the 100th post. But for number ninety-nine, I thought it would be fun to dig into the archives and highlight some of my previous projects – including some that were never even mentioned in my blog. This is just as exciting as getting the DVD and watching the extra scenes that were cut out of the movie, right!?

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I’m not a dentist (and other weird facts)

I come from a family of dentists. Three generations of dentists, in fact. My grandpa was a dentist, my dad is a dentist and my brother is an oral surgeon. We even have a photo of my grandpa working as a dentist during WWII.

Written on the back of the photo: Somewhere in France, doing dental work on a soldier in an apple orchard. My dental assistant on the right.

Written on the back of the photo: Somewhere in France, doing dental work on a soldier in an apple orchard. My dental assistant on the right.

My dad retired this week, so I guess I should have said he was a dentist – in the past tense. But given how important dentistry is to my family, you can understand why it feels a little weird to say it in the past tense. My dad’s retirement has been a pretty big deal around here. Especially because now I’ll have to start buying toothpaste for the first time in my life.

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How to start a new hobby (without going broke)

Did you know I’m obsessed with hobbies? Sewing aside, I’ve also participated endurance events, earned an advanced SCBUA certification and spent countless hours fiddling with my beloved DSLR camera.

2 copy

I’ll try almost anything – trampoline workout classes, indoor skydiving, surfing lessons or those trendy “let’s all paint an elaborate picture together while we drink wine” classes.

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Krafty Katie

This is my roommate, Katie (and me, and mice). We’ve lived together for five years, going on six (sans mice).

Katie & Lindsay

I’ve lived with lots of roommates over the years. I just made a list of the number of roommates I’ve had since my freshman year of college, other than Katie. EIGHTEEN. So needless to say, I’m kind of an expert when it comes to roommates. Some of them were pretty awesome. Most weren’t even close to awesome. But Katie gets bonus points for a few reasons. For one, she’s stuck with me for this long. And two, she loves crafts as much as I do. (And three, she brought the best dog ever into our house, but that’s a story for another day because today we’re talking about crafts).

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Ode to Joe (and what I sewed)

When I moved to Florida in 2006, one of the first people I met was Joe. We both participated in the Disney College Program together and spent many, many hours living it up in the Disney parks!


Some photos from our College Program days back in 2006!

After the Disney College Program ended, I stayed in Florida – and Joe returned home to New York. But within a year or so, he was back in Florida and we’ve been able to continue our adventures ever since!

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Safety Story: How (not) to use a rotary cutter

Friends, I consider myself pretty darn safety conscious. I am constantly thinking about safety when I’m at work, so I naturally practice safe behaviors at home too. I’m even in the habit of telling people, “be safe” when we’re saying our goodbyes and going our separate ways.

Sewing Hazard Ahead

Warning: Sewing Hazard Ahead

So, the fact that I chose to open a box using my rotary cutter was a pretty stupid decision. I was in a rush and the rotary cutter was right there. The rotary cutter slipped and I sliced my hand – I’ll spare you the photos. But just know that the end result was not good. Luckily, it wasn’t bad enough to seek professional medical attention… especially since this happened around 11:45 p.m. (maybe this is a lesson about how I shouldn’t attempt to be productive so close to bedtime).

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