Safety Story: How (not) to use a rotary cutter

Friends, I consider myself pretty darn safety conscious. I am constantly thinking about safety when I’m at work, so I naturally practice safe behaviors at home too. I’m even in the habit of telling people, “be safe” when we’re saying our goodbyes and going our separate ways.

Sewing Hazard Ahead

Warning: Sewing Hazard Ahead

So, the fact that I chose to open a box using my rotary cutter was a pretty stupid decision. I was in a rush and the rotary cutter was right there. The rotary cutter slipped and I sliced my hand – I’ll spare you the photos. But just know that the end result was not good. Luckily, it wasn’t bad enough to seek professional medical attention… especially since this happened around 11:45 p.m. (maybe this is a lesson about how I shouldn’t attempt to be productive so close to bedtime).

I got some of those surgical tape wound closure strips and they seem to be doing the trick. It’s not the first time in my life that I’ve needed these things… maybe I’m just lying to myself and I’m not as safe as I claimed to be in my opening paragraph.

Wound closure strips

A lovely stock photo… aka, not my eyeball.

Rotary cutters are one of the most magical sewing tools on the planet. They really shouldn’t be used in a way that might cause us to view them in any other light. For those of you who may not sew (but for some reason, still read my blog?? Thank you!) – a rotary cutter is basically a pizza cutter for fabric. And it’s awesome. You know what’s not awesome? Opening boxes with a rotary cutter.


A lovely stock photo… aka, not my hand.

So, this is a Public Service Announcement to my fellow crafters: Do NOT, under any circumstances, use rotary cutters for anything other than what they were intended for.

Don’t be a dummy like me! Be safe!



3 thoughts on “Safety Story: How (not) to use a rotary cutter

  1. Goodness! Hope you are okay too! I will take your advice to heart, because I’m super clumsy and that will definitely happen to me if I tried it. I don’t have a rotary cutter yet but it’s on my list to get this week!

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