Milestones & Mortgage Payments

Big life milestone conquered last week, you guys.


I bought a house! Well, a townhouse. Because the idea of a bunch of nonsense yard work made me think, “meh.” And because this townhouse is magical!

This milestone has been a long time coming – I’ve turned down a number of vacations and events and non-essential spending the past few years in order to make this happen. It’s so exciting that the dream is finally coming to life. Did I say exciting? I meant terrifying.

My sewing and crafting endeavors will mostly be on hold while I transition to the new house, but ultimately, this move is a big thumbs up for sewing and crafting in my life.

For one, I’ll now have enough space to host sewing and craft parties for friends — woo hoo. Maybe I’ll even host a craft party before I’m fully moved into the new place, so we can spread out and take over all of the empty, valuable floor space!

Wide, open space: looking over my land with a little help from Winnie. And wine.

Wide, open space: looking over my land with a little help from Winnie. And wine.

Also, I’m sure a bunch of home-related projects from my 100 No Pressure Projects list will rise to the top of my priority list…

And of course, a new house means a new sewing space! I haven’t exactly decided how to structure my dream craft space, but it will likely need to be combined with a guest bedroom. I’ve been Pinterest-ing like crazy, but I would love to see how your sewing space is set up. Do you have a craft/sewing area that is shared with another space, like a guest room or an office? I’d love to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “Milestones & Mortgage Payments

  1. Congratulations, Lindsay! You will have so many fun days ahead of you. It was so good to see you again. Mrs. K.🙋🏡😉

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