The 30-year-old, the plastic dishes and the duvet cover

Last month, I turned 30. Coincidentally, on the morning of my birthday, my favorite radio show was discussing just that – being 30.

Side Bar: I’ve been listening to The Eric & Kathy show since I was a teenager driving to school in Chicago – and even since moving to Florida, the show has always been a part of my life. First via downloadable podcasts, but these days, via live streaming. If you’re ever in need of a fantastic and hilarious daily podcast – check them out!

The Eric & Kathy Show on 101.9 FM The Mix WTMX Chicago

Anyway, on the morning of my birthday, Eric and Kathy were discussing an article titled, “10 things you should have in your home by the time you’re 30.” As if turning 30 weren’t stressful enough – now there are rules?

There are some things on the list that I’m easily in compliance with (a washer-dryer)… and some things that I’m so not in compliance with (“dishes that aren’t plastic” – sorry, the plastic Mickey Mouse dishes are here to stay). And some things that are just ridiculous. Fresh flowers? In my house? Regularly? Hmm. Choose your battles, Huffington Post.

Mickey mouse plate

Instagrammed proof that I use plastic Mickey Mouse plates!

Eric and Kathy asked listeners to call in with other things to add to the list – what should you have by the time you’re 30? I took the opportunity to give them a call and tell them it was my 30th birthday, and they put me on the air – a pretty magical birthday memory! But while I was on the line, I listened to the other callers’ suggestions. One of them said – by the time you’re thirty, you should have a duvet cover.

Well, I may have plastic dishes – but thank heavens I’m about to do something right. A duvet cover has been at the top of my DIY project list for months. Granted, I haven’t finished it. Well, honestly, I haven’t even started it. But I have the pile of fabric and the inner comforter to prove that the intention is there. Does that count?

DIY Duvet Cover

My attempt to take a photo of my DIY duvet supplies was interrupted by the most notorious photobomber ever.

I’ve even pre-washed and ironed all of the fabric – a huge task in itself! Between the duvet cover and the matching pillow shams that I plan to sew, I had almost 20 yards of fabric to prep, wash and iron!

Since then, I’ve had a few other pressing projects get in the way, preventing me from starting the actual cutting and sewing process. Plus, I may have been procrastinating a little – taking measurements and getting the angles perfect on gigantic projects stresses me out.

Stay tuned – hopefully I’ll finish this thing by the time I turn 31!


6 thoughts on “The 30-year-old, the plastic dishes and the duvet cover

  1. Happy Birthday and welcome to 30! Looks like I need a duvet cover too. I checked out that list and it makes me a little sad that they’ve killed grandma off by now, what if she is still using her dishes?! It’s just not right. Truthfully, my husband and I almost registered for the fine china but realized we didn’t see much a point for it. Plus, I let him decorate the areas involving food since he is the cook! (I’m a lucky girl!) I’m not going to lie, you do start to question yourself as you tally up all the societal necessities you seem to be missing according to that list. I was also about half and half. Hope your duvet cover comes out satisfactory. Please share!

    • I agree that killing grandma is totally unnecessary. Plus, if we’re 30, that would likely put our moms in the 55-65ish range, give or take a few years, and moms in the 55-65ish range should really be the ones with the china, right!?

      I’ll be sure to update if I ever get around to actually turning all that fabric into a duvet cover…! Hopefully soon. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

      • For sure! I hadn’t even considered that meant they killed off mom too lol I think maybe because my mom has little to do with a kitchen anyway! Lol disturbing for sure!!! Good luck and happy sewing

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