#SewMyStash2015: Bag Challenge

In the spirit of #SewMyStash2015 (the latest challenge is to sew a bag consisting of 75% stash fabrics) — here’s my latest, magical addition!

I made a second rendition of the Zip and Go bag I made for my mom using the wonderful pattern from Dog Under My Desk – only, this time, I went the “selfish sewing” route and made it for myself. With all the time I spend perusing Disney parks, I was determined to make a a Zip and Go theme park bag for myself.


My new bag’s Disney theme park debut!

Where did that magical fabric come from, you ask? Um. Well. It used to be a pair of boxer shorts! How’s that for upcycling?


Don’t worry, the boxers were brand new! I got two pairs on clearance a few years ago and have been holding onto them ever since, saving them for something special. But of course, #SewMyStash2015 is all about setting our favorite fabrics free! So it was time to cut up these beauties.


The solid black lining I used inside the bag was also a part of my stash, as was the interfacing and hardware (leftover from the bag I made for my mom – I’d bought the hardware in bulk to save money). I did have to purchase the black dot fabric for the strap – I didn’t have any matching fabric in my stash that was long enough to serve as the strap. I also had to purchase the zippers. So sadly, this is not 100% stash, but I can pretty confidently say that it is at least 75% stash (per the #SewMyStash2015 rules).


This bag is the perfect size for a theme park bag! It held my phone, keys, IDs/tickets and lip balm, and then I maxed it out by folding up a rain poncho and shoving it in the larger pocket. Everything fit perfectly. And the fact that the strap could be long enough to wear as a cross-body bag while on rides, or short enough to hang on the side of a restaurant chair while dining, was a huge plus.

What’s your favorite go-to bag for theme parks, day trips and outings?




9 thoughts on “#SewMyStash2015: Bag Challenge

    • Thank you! I love the adjustable strap too. I was definitely intimidated by the hardware the first time I used it, but it was so easy and so worth it in the end.

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