#SewMyStash 2015 – Year End Recap

Happy New Year, gang!

Last January, I wrote about #SewMyStash2015, a fun internet-based initiative invented by my bloggy friend Leasa (Project Leasa), who challenged fellow crafters to use up their stash of (hoarded) fabric in 2015 instead of buying new fabric, whenever possible.


The brainchild of Leasa at ProjectLeasa.com!

It was so much fun throughout the year to participate in Leasa’s challenges and follow the hashtag on Instagram to see what else my peers were making! I thought it would be appropriate to do a wrap-up post to highlight the projects I made throughout the year using fabric that was from my stash.

I did purchase some fabric through the year, but in retrospect, I only purchased fabric for certain projects, and almost always, those projects were gifts with a specific vision. I can say with absolute certainty that I did not purchase any fabric “just because” without any real vision on how I was going to use it. In the past, I may have seen fabrics that I absolutely loved and wanted to have just for the sake of having… “I’ll just get a yard and figure out what to do with it later.” Not the case this year!

Here’s a list of everything I recall making using only my stash (or mostly my stash) in 2015! I’ll start off by reviewing some things that I have previously written about here, but at the end, there are a few little gems that never got a dedicated blog post…

This cute little paper pieced LOVE square! (I have yet to do something with this)…

Valentine’s Day bunting! Which is already proudly displayed above my desk at work. I love Valentine’s Day!

American Girl doll Valentine PJs! (Thanks again for not judging my decision to make doll clothes)…


My Disney Parks Zip and Go bag, made with Mickey boxer shorts!


My cute little paper pieced witch! Although admittedly, this project is still incomplete. Argh. Oh well. I’ll aim to finish by next fall. 😉

Foundation Paper Piecing on SewLindsaySew.com

Sarah’s “Zip and GO BADGERS” bag – the only thing I had to invest in for this one was the zippers.


A gift-card wallet for myself! After I made one for my friend Chris, I knew I needed one in my life!


This year I also started making cute (semi-dweeby) lanyards using up my tiny scraps. It all started when my mom asked for a lanyard to carry a spare key, and once I made one for her, I was hooked! I made two for myself to use at work (for wearing my ID), including this Christmas lanyard to wear around the holidays. Here’s a not-so-great photo of the Christmas lanyard.


And here are a few little gifts for the holiday season that I didn’t get proper photos of because, hey, when Santa’s Workshop is whirring along, the last thing on Santa’s mind is proper photos. The first one is a zipper pouch for a fellow Mickey-loving “L,” and the second photo is a Star Wars coffee sleeve one one of those fabulous reusable Starbucks cups. To be honest, there wasn’t much sewing happening in Santa’s workshop this year with the exception of these two little nuggets. Sounds cliche, but sheesh, there’s just so much going on around the holidays that my Amazon account saw more activity than my sewing machine did.


That’s all I can think of off the top of my head for this year, but Leasa has kicked off another #SewMyStash challenge for 2016, and I’m completely onboard. Let’s see what I can whip up using my stash in 2016!



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