I made a hat

I know the title of this blog post gives away the grand reveal, but… hey guys. I made a hat. A hunting cap, to be more specific.


I’m not into selfies, so let’s just take advantage of this Snapchat…

Why? Just because. I had a pattern and wanted to try it. Also, making a hat or some sort of headwear was a bucket list item on my list of 100 No Pressure Projects.

I know – it’s kind of crazy for me to post about a project that was NOT inspired by friends or family and is NOT intended to be a gift!


A project that isn’t a gift?

The hat I made is the Urban Wabbit Hunting Cap from the book Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders. Inspired by the plaid fabric used in the photo, I picked up some super soft gray and black plaid fabric on sale. A cozy winter project!


I honestly thought making an item like this hat would be way more complicated. I was surprised that the hat came together quickly and easily, in just one evening. There was just one step towards the end that stumped me – I’m still not sure that I did it exactly right. But I just made some educated guesses and stumbled through and the end result is good enough for me.


Overall, the hat is a little too big for my head, so if I made it again, I’d subtract an inch or two from the circumference. The pattern did come with directions on how to adjust the sizing if necessary.

I made just one change from the original pattern, and only because I’m a dum-dum: the “neck flap” is supposed to button up so you can leave it up or down, but I really messed up on one of the buttonholes (I need to practice using the buttonhole maker on my machine some more), so I just tacked the flap up and sewed some big buttons on permanently to cover my mistake. The buttons still give the illusion that the flap can come down, but it really doesn’t.


I like big buttons and I cannot lie.

It doesn’t matter to me since I would have never worn the flap down anyway. After all, I live in Florida. The winds will never be that blustery! I will also never go hunting! And it actually looks kind of silly with the flap down anyway.

The cold temps have just recently arrived in Florida, and it seems like they’re here to stay for a bit (with the exception of today, which is in the 70’s). Me ‘n my hat are ready!




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