Chris’s (Mega) Birthday

Here’s the thing about birthdays: they happen every year.

In the words of Michelle Tanner… DUH.

Michelle Tanner Duh

But for me, that means that someone I’m sewing for this year may have already received something crafty from me last year… so I need to mix things up!

Remember my friend Chris? Last year, he had a birthday… this year, he had another birthday.

Chris. You’re so stressful.

A non-birthday celebration with Chris... drinking from mason jars in Disneyland.

A non-birthday celebration with Chris… mason jar twins at Disneyland.

Last year I made Chris this nifty “travel cable cozy” for him to store all of his electronics and cords while traveling.

Sewing a cable cozy // tutorial review on Sew Lindsay Sew

This year, I knew I wanted to branch away from the travel theme. But sewing for guys is hard… most fabrics and patterns are designed with the ladies in mind.

Then I saw this fabric, and knew that I couldn’t really go wrong with anything I decided to make, so long as the recipient was a millennial.


Sewing for guys is a lot easier with this awesome, retro fabric in my back pocket (or on my sewing table).

I decided to make Chris a Mega Card Wallet (free tutorial here at Infarrantly Creative) – a pattern I’ve wanted to try for awhile now. So long, in fact, that it’s even on my list of 100 No Pressure Projects. Basically, it’s a gigantic wallet that holds 38 cards. I figured Chris would be getting some gift cards for his birthday, and this is the perfect place to store a zillion (or 38) gift cards without having to cram them into your primary wallet.


I personally have a hard time keeping track of all the gift cards I receive, always forgetting to keep them on hand and use them accordingly. Which usually results in my finding them at the bottom of a drawer two years after the fact, and wondering if there’s still any money on them. A wallet like this is a great way to keep a zillion (or 38) gift cards all in one place.


The tutorial was easy and straightforward, and I would definitely make this again. Since I really need one of these in my life, I’m actually about 3/4 of the way through making one for myself.

I had the opportunity to give Chris his gift in the presence of his family during his birthday dinner, and the best part was getting the stamp of approval from his mom and his grandma! I love showing the preceding generations how the art of sewing is NOT lost on the younger set… not for me, anyway. 😉

Happy Birthday, Chris! Next year, the pressure will really be on… I’ll have to come up with a new and amazing gift idea.

Or… I’ll give you a gift card. 🙂


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