How to start a new hobby (without going broke)

Did you know I’m obsessed with hobbies? Sewing aside, I’ve also participated endurance events, earned an advanced SCBUA certification and spent countless hours fiddling with my beloved DSLR camera.

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I’ll try almost anything – trampoline workout classes, indoor skydiving, surfing lessons or those trendy “let’s all paint an elaborate picture together while we drink wine” classes.

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And just when you thought I couldn’t be any weirder — it’s not unusual to find me juggling.

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Are you starting to get the picture? I LOVE HOBBIES.

But hobbies require so much STUFF! Stuff that costs money and takes up valuable real estate in my house. I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to stop going crazy buying new gear/supplies/toys every time I try something new. Recently, I wrote a guest blog post for The Simplified Life – The Official Blog of My One Resource about this very topic!

How to start a new hobby

This is the first time I’ve ever had the privilege to submit a guest post to another blog. Go check out my post, “How to start a new hobby (without going broke).” And then tell me about your favorite hobby in the comments section below. You never know – I might try your hobby next!







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