Finally-Finished-It Friday: Summertime Watermelon Bunting

Today’s “finally-finished-it Friday” post is brought to you by… sweet summertime watermelon bunting!

Sweet Summertime Watermelon Bunting

Last Halloween, I made some bunting inspired by candy corn. For Easter, I made bunting inspired by marshmallow Peeps. I started this project months ago – the idea has been in my head for awhile. All of those little pink triangles have been sitting on my cutting table since I abandoned them sometime during the spring. I finally decided to finish up so I’d still have a chance to enjoy this summer decor!

I used a variety of pink fabrics I had leftover from a yet-to-be-blogged-about baby quilt – gingham, polka dots and solid. The green was leftover from the infamous Elephants and Mustaches baby quilt.


I used ribbon to represent the “white” portion of the watermelon, and threw some Heat N Bond on the backside of some black fabric before free-handing the seeds. I ironed the seeds on without appliqué, which is unusual for me (I always appliqué after I iron something on) but there was no way I was going to stitch on all of those tiny seeds! You have to draw the line somewhere, and watermelon seeds are where I draw the line. 😉

Sweet Summertime Watermelon Bunting

I love the idea of having bunting for every season – or, even better, twelve months of bunting! Maybe I’ll get there someday. But for now, I can enjoy this sweet watermelon bunting for the rest of the summer.

Any ideas for a September-themed bunting? I’ll need a replacement between watermelon season and candy corn season!



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