It’s Tea Time!

Here’s a fun little project I recently whipped up for my coworker Sylvie. We’ve been “cube neighbors” for six months, but she was fulfilling a temporary assignment and her last day was this week. The office will definitely be a lot lonlier without her!

Every afternoon, Sylvie likes to partake in “tea time” – aka, a trip to our friendly neighborhood Keurig machine for a cup of tea. So when I saw a tutorial for a zippered teacup pouch, I immediately knew that I had to make one for Sylvie.

Teacup Zipper Pouch

If you’re wondering what the faux “tea bag” says, here’s another fun fact: Sylvie is French and often takes the opportunity to educate our office suite about French culture (mostly because we interrogate her with silly questions). So the tea bag says, temps de thé – aka, “tea time” in French. At least, that’s what the Google told me the translation was. Maybe it actually translated to something inappropriate and Sylvie just didn’t want to tell me… let’s hope that’s not the case!

Teacup Zipper Pouch - temps de the

I initially started following this Zippered Teacup Pouch tutorial on Chicken Soup Designs, but ultimately referred back to my favorite Zippered Pouch Tutorial on Make it Perfect because I’ve used it so many times and the concept is basically the same. I would highly recommend both tutorials. If you’re especially new to zipper pouches, you may want to try the basic version first.

Zipper Pouch Tutorials

Two wonderful zipper pouch tutorials on Chicken Soup Designs (zippered teacup pouch) and Make it Perfect (basic zippered pouch).

Now excuse me while I go brew up some tea!


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