Woohoo – biscornu!

I recently wrote about my roommate Katie – aka “Krafty Katie” – and her love of counted cross-stitch crafts. Well, never having tried cross-stitch myself, I could only watch her stitchin’ along for so long before I had to give it a whirl myself.

In searching for a pattern, I fell in love with Clouds Factory – a site with “parody” patterns that portray squishy little versions of beloved characters from TV shows and movies. After much debate, I decided I wanted to make a Snow White themed biscornu – an eight sided pincushion. (Side note: According to the oh-so-trusty Wikipedia, the word biscornu is french for skewed, quirky or irregular. Look at that, my blog is educational!)

My Instagram followers were privy to viewing the progress of my little pincushion… which took place over the course of two weekends and many episodes of The Mindy Project.

Snow White Biscornu Instagram Progress

This is what the front side looked like when I was done stitching!


And this is what the biscornu looks like when it’s all stitched up into a pin cushion.


Snow White Biscornu from Clouds Factory

Snow White Biscornu from Clouds Factory

Snow White Biscornu from Clouds Factory

I used a little gold heart button for the center…


I forgot to get a photo of the back side when it was still “flat,” but this is what the underside of the biscornu looks like. I decided to forgo a button on this side.


The best part about this project is that it turned into a fully functional item that I can actually use around the house. I currently sew in two different rooms – my sewing machine is at the secretary desk in my bedroom, but my cutting table and ironing board are in our spare room. I’m constantly moving between both rooms and have to carry my magnetic pincushion between the rooms as I use it to either add or remove pins from my projects. It’s not uncommon to see little piles of pins on my desk or cutting table if I’ve left the pincushion in one room or the other. Now I’ve got a pincushion for each room!

And here’s a fun fact – the week that I started this biscornu was the same week that I got to ride the brand new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom for the very first time! Do you think that magical moment contributed to my decision to stitch Snow White and friends? Hmmmm!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

My next cross-stitch project is another one from Clouds Factory – here’s a sneak peek!

Suzy and Perla cross stitch

I’ll be sure to share the finished product when I’m done. But there’s no telling how long this might take – I’m currently juggling a lot of craft projects. What else is new!? 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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