The Secret Summer Sewing Project

Recently, I referenced a big sewing project without being able to mention specifically what the project entailed. Now it’s finally time for the reveal!

My dear friend Cait got married last week, and asked me months ago if I would make six jewelry rolls (initially presented in this Mother’s Day blog entry) for her bridesmaids. Although the idea of making six – plus one more for Cait – seemed a little overwhelming, I didn’t hesitate to say yes! But the project had to remain a secret so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise for Cait’s bridesmaids.

Being responsible for even a tiny portion of someone else’s wedding plan might be a little intimidating to anyone who has seen an episode of the TV show “Bridezillas.” But I know Cait, and I knew she would be the complete opposite of a Bridezilla.

I now present to you three pieces of evidence that prove my point:

1) When we took a trip to the fabric store, Cait was torn between a so-so fabric that matched her wedding colors – yellow and gray – and a stunning green fabric that she knew her bridesmaids would love. She ultimately put her bridesmaids first and chose the fabric that she knew they would like, despite the fact that it didn’t match the wedding colors. Awesome!

Green fabric for jewelry rolls

The winning fabric combo!

2) While trying to balance the start of my MBA program and moving across town all in the same month, my life was in utter chaos and I didn’t finish the jewelry rolls until just a few weeks before the wedding. Cait didn’t hound me for the finished jewelry rolls once. Awesome!

3) Cait wore yellow Converse chucks down the aisle… and then broke out in a surprise hip-hop routine with her dad during the father/daughter dance. Now THAT… is an awesome bride.

Wedding Day and yellow Converse Chucks

Photos compliments of Brie at

Her wedding was beautiful and I feel lucky to have been a part of it. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs!

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