On a (jewelry) roll

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! If you hadn’t already guessed, the surprise project I referenced in my last post was a gift for my amazing mom. It’s a jewelry roll!

One Yard Wonders Jewelry Roll

I’ve been excited about it for a few weeks, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to brag until Mother’s Day or I’d ruin the surprise. Like a crayon roll for grown-ups, the jewelry roll has zippered pockets for various jewelry pieces and trinkets, a ribbon tie for rings and the whole contraption rolls up and ties closed for safe travels.

One Yard Wonders Jewelry Roll

It was the first project attempt from my One Yard Wonders book. I have nothing but glowing reviews for both the book and this project. The pattern was included with the book. I’m still a little new to zippers, so I moved slowly and followed the directions to a tee. The biggest challenge was evenly sewing the half circle curve along the top.

My mom lives across the country, so we Skyped this morning while she opened her jewelry roll and she loved it! I told her I almost didn’t include the ribbon for rings since she doesn’t wear a lot of rings, but she pointed out that she can use it for her Troll beads. Duh – I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. She loves her Troll beads!

One Yard Wonders Jewelry Roll

Like mother, like daughter - I used my own jewelry for this photo, but the only ring I own is my high school ring!

Now I’m faced with this challenge: stick in this comfort zone and make some more jewelry rolls, or continue experimenting with projects from One Yard Wonders? Hmmm. Decisions, decisions!

I hope everyone is having a magical Mother’s Day!

12 thoughts on “On a (jewelry) roll

  1. I love my jewelry roll….love the material that Lindsay chose. Ok Linds….lets go on a cruise so I can use it!!!!!

  2. VERY cute!!! I LOVE the fabric too!! Great job on the zippers! I’ve only done a few myself, but they are more scary than they are hard wouldn’t you say??

    REALLY cute Lindsay! Makes me think I could maybe use one of those myself!! Going to WDW in September & I usually use my eyeglass case for my jewelry case! LOL

    One question for you…most of my sewing has either been my own “patterns” or no-pattern projects…how did you find the real paper pattern from the book? I won’t lie, I’m a bit afraid of trying it. (I’m thinking of the Folklore Bag)

    Again, great job! You should be proud!

    • Thanks! I agree, zippers are not particularly difficult, but intimidating. I look back on my projects with zippers and think WOW… even though there are definitely non-zipper skills I have mastered that were much harder.

      This pattern was not scary at all! I have actually attempted and failed at some commercial patterns out there – but this pattern was actually pretty simple. It’s just a bunch of rectangular shapes, the half circle piece on top and the entire back panel. You start by putting the pockets/zippers together, and then just piece a bunch of other rectangles on and around the pockets. It was easier than I thought it would be!

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