At some point in my sewing-blog adventures, I came across the ZipIt Etsy shop and had two realizations:

  1. Multi-colored zippers are really, really appealing when arranged in beautiful rainbow-like formations.
  2. This ZipIt Etsy shop has some magical zipper prices.

After my jewelry roll success, I decided it was time to splurge and purchase an array of zippers to keep at my fingertips. That way I won’t have to run to the store every single time I need a zipper, which will likely save me money in the long run. This is a familiar scenario: I need one zipper. I come home hours later with about three hundred unnecessary sewing accessories… and one zipper.

I normally pay around $1.99/zipper at the fabric store. But for $31.00 total, which included shipping costs, I ordered 100 zippers in a variety of colors and sizes, which made each zipper only 31 cents each. AND… I ordered these beauties on May 9 and received them on May 11. Wow. WOW!

First project on the list? A zipper pouch to hold all of these zippers!

7 thoughts on “ZIPPITY-Doo-Dah!

  1. LOVE this tip! Thanks! Yeah, I buy them to keep on hand, but you’re right…$0.31/each & very fast shipping to boot! Awesome!! Love Etsy!!

    • I do love them! The only problem now is that I didn’t have zippers with me to lay up against fabric in the store for color comparison, so now I’ve started carrying a handful of zippers in my purse – LOL!

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