Hats off to you, mom!

A belated Mother’s Day post because I was waiting on this photo…

Cabbage Patch Doll nightgown

This is the first sewing pattern my mom ever picked out and made on her own – a nightgown for 6-year-old Lindsay (cue the “awwww”) with a matching nightgown for my Cabbage Patch doll.

The pattern came with a set of Cabbage Patch Kids iron-on transfers to brand the finished products – Fancy!

Vintage Cabbage Patch Nightgown Pattern

My mom made me the style shown in the photo on the pattern packet – although sadly, I didn’t sport Fraggle-Rock-esque pigtails like the girl in the photo.

Fraggle Rock Red Pigtails

My mom never claimed to be a seamstress extraordinaire, but she could definitely hold her own when it came to basic Halloween costumes, minor alterations and curtains for our basement windows. She made the nightgown on a vintage, hand-me-down sewing machine that only went forwards and backwards without any fancy bells and whistles.

My mom likes to claim that my sewing skills exceed hers, but I beg to differ. She made this successful WEARABLE item right off the bat, and I have yet to conquer the wearable field. Once I have that accomplishment under my belt, we’ll talk. But till then – hats off to you, mom!


8 thoughts on “Hats off to you, mom!

  1. OMG. Cabbage Patch Kids and Fraggle Rock in one post. My head is going to explode with all these children-of-the-’80s memories!

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