Starring Winnie!

The night before my roommate Katie‘s birthday, she heard me rustling through my craft supplies and asked what I was doing. I told her I was making her a birthday coupon. She thought I was kidding, but I wasn’t.

FYI, a "cug" (according to Katie's niece) is a combination cuddle/hug. Also, Winnie hates balloons - hence the PSA.

FYI, a “CUG” (according to Katie’s niece) is a cuddle/hug combo. Also, Winnie hates balloons – hence the PSA.

The idea of a “coupon gift” seems a little silly in adulthood, but I really wanted Katie to make the decision about what I should make… using this INCREDIBLE WINNIE FABRIC.


Yes, that is Katie’s dog, Winnie. I designed this custom fabric using real photos of Winnie and printed a yard of it at


Polka dots, bows and Winnie – what’s not to love?

Katie loved the fabric – who wouldn’t!? – and requested a decorative pillow to display on the couch in her office at work. I made an executive decision to make an envelope pillowcase with a pillow form insert so the pillowcase could be removed and washed in the future. (I used this easy-peasy envelope pillowcase tutorial from the Crafty Gemini and created my own, custom sized pillow form insert using scrap fabric and stuffing from an old pillow).


I also decided to use the alphabet paper piecing pattern I had recently won in a giveaway to quilt Winnie’s name on the front. Katie picked the coordinating yellow and gray fabrics from my stash. Because I was using the paper-pieced letters, the entire front side is also quilted with diagonal stripes.


Of course I had to get some photos with the little lady herself… (Winnie, that is.)


Although getting a successful photo proved to be a little challenging.


She’s a mischievous dog, but we love her dearly.

Which is good – because I have enough fabric leftover to make some other PAWS-itively awesome goodies in the future…

Sorry guys. I had to do it.



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