Sophia’s Quilt

NOTE: I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about where to find/purchase this pattern. The pattern is out of print (I had to purchase my copy from etsy). If you’re in search of this pattern:

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This is a long overdue post to talk about a project that wrapped up a loooooong time ago! Based on my blog posts alone, you may think the mustaches and elephants quilt was my very first rag quilt. But … it wasn’t. My very first rag quilt was completed months and months prior to that when I tackled the now out-of-print Simplicity 4993. I’d had this pattern on my radar for a long time so when I discovered it was recently retired, I jumped on etsy and grabbed a brand new copy.

On the Sew Lindsay Sew blog: Simplicity 4993 Teddy Bear Quilt Being 30ish with lots of 30ish friends, it’s understandable that my Facebook newsfeed is typically swarming with pregnancy updates and photos of  newborn babes, which means baby gifts are pretty much always represented somewhere on my crafting to-do list. I decided to make the teddy bear version of this quilt for baby Sophia, who belongs to my friends David and Lisa. David and I went to grad school together and we were “bus buddies” on our grad school international trip (aka, we had to make sure the bus didn’t leave the other person behind at a random mosque in Istanbul) and some months after graduation when we were all just starting to get our lives back, I was thrilled to learn that David and Lisa were expecting a baby girl. I decided it was time to break in the teddy bear quilt pattern. I chose three different fabrics – a pink solid, a pink polka dot and a pink gingham. (Fun Fact: the leftover fabric was used to create my summertime watermelon bunting!) Simplicity 4993 Teddy Bear Quilt So, here’s the thing about this quilt. It’s HUGE. I’d read the reviews and blogs that stated the quilt was huge, but I kind of ignored them (pattern love is blind). I want to emphasize how big this quilt is.


I’m five feet tall, and this quilt is as tall as me. I’m not a giant person, so I didn’t mind the quilt was as tall as me. That is, until I gifted the quilt to a tiny newborn baby and saw how large the quilt is in comparison. Whoops.

On the left, the quilt with "Lambie" from Doc McStuffins; On the right, the quilt with Sophia the First!

On the left, the quilt with “Lambie” from Doc McStuffins; On the right, the quilt with Sophia the First!

If I ever made this quilt again, I would love to use a Xerox machine to reduce each of the pattern pieces by about half. I still love the idea of a teddy bear blanket — but one that is more realistic for a little human to drag around would be ideal. Simplicity 4993 Teddy Bear Quilt Well, I hope Sophia is still enjoying this quilt when she goes to college, because only then will this quilt be the perfect size for her. 😉 Have you ever been thrown off by the size of your final product, or attempted to significantly change the size of your project the second time around? I’d love to hear about it! LindsaySignature


22 thoughts on “Sophia’s Quilt

  1. Wow, that is big! I’m nearing the end of a cot quilt I started in January last year (shame on me). The intended recipient is now no longer in a cot. However, it has turned out quite large and will do nicely for her bed. So all is not lost! Sophia and all her friends can use your quilt as a playmat when they have play dates. Quite a few of my friends lay quilts on the floor for the little ones to play on when we get together.

    • Carol I just got a copy of this pattern in the mail from Quilter’s Bug. It is $21 for the printed copy or you can get the PDF download for $6. Hope this helps. They have permission from Simplicity to sell copies.

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  5. I wish I could also have a copy of this pattern. Wish it could be copied at Staples or some other place. ETSY sells it for over 50.00, Amazon for 99 dollars. Can’t afford either one.

    • Such a bummer that Simplicity retired such a great pattern. I’m going to make a valid attempt to copy the pieces and make a printable version to share here on my blog. Normally I would never share copyrighted content like that, but they retired a great pattern that is obviously in high demand, so what’s a girl to do??? It will be quite a feat since the pieces are so large, but I will do my best! Hang tight for a few months while I try to figure it out. 😉

      • Take your pattern to a copy store with a large flatbed copier. Just call around. Our UPS store has one.
        I wanted to make a smaller version of the dinosaur pattern, so I reduced the size to 75%. I actually used an 11×17 copier. You could reduce the bear pattern to 25% to make it a more manageable size. Then anyone could enlarge to whatever size they wanted.
        Hope this helps,

      • Hi Jean! I believe I used a half-inch, but I also remember having some trouble with the muzzle… I think I just had to keep adjusting until it fit.

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  7. I bought the pattern off the site that Krystal listed so easy. It is lovely but thanks for saying you would try to get a copy for people so they could make it.

  8. Does anyone have a copy of the Simplicity 4993 bear rag quilt (or PDF version) they could sell/lend to me? I have searched everywhere without any luck… I really want to make this gorgeous quilt for my new granddaughter who is arriving in July… I’m not confident enough to do it without the pattern… 🙁 Thanks in advance… 🙏🙏

    • Oh darn! I can’t believe that link doesn’t sell the pattern anymore. I will try scanning the pieces but they are so big, so I’m not sure it will work. On a side note, I just finished making Simplicity 2935 Butterfly Rag quilt for my new niece and it turned out incredible! I actually love it ten times more than the bear quilt. You might consider that one in the meantime!

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