Lindsay’s (not-for-knitting) Bag

Remember when I made my roommate Katie this whimsical knitting bag for Christmas?

On the Sew Lindsay Sew blog: Amanda's knitting bag pattern review

I recently decided I wanted a bag of my own! I was keeping skeins of yarn in one of my favorite reusable grocery store “green bags,” and to be honest, I just wanted the bag back in my collection for grocery purposes.

The only thing is — I don’t knit. So this is really more of a crochet bag, because I crochet. But the pattern is technically called Amanda’s Knitting Bag by the Sometimes Crafter, so it feels blasphemous to call it a “Crochet Bag.” So I affectionately call this Lindsay’s (not-for-knitting) Bag. 🙂


I made the bag just like Katie’s, but I used cherry blossom fabric instead of teal polka dots. (I bought the cherry blossom fabric a long time ago when I saw it on sale. At the time, I didn’t know what I would be using it for, but I knew I had to have it. I love cherry blossoms!) … Mine also has a zipper and lots of little pockets for my gear. Of course, I added my own initial.


But best of all, my beloved grocery bag has been returned to the trunk of my car. Woohoo! Let’s go shopping!


2 thoughts on “Lindsay’s (not-for-knitting) Bag

  1. Love the ‘L’! Honestly, it could be used for so many things besides knitting. I have thought I could make myself one for my hand sewing projects. All of those little pockets are perfect for holding various tools. I think someone also made one as a kids art bag! Beautiful job!

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