The force is strong with this one!

Whenever I come across licensed character fabric in the remnant bin, I feel compelled to buy it. Licensed fabric is expensive, and remnants are a great opportunity to get the fabric for 50-75% off, depending on the sale. So that’s exactly what happened a few days ago when I came across some Star Wars fabric in the bin. I’m not really a Star Wars fan, but I have plenty of friends who are. And my association with Disney in recent years has made me familiar enough with the franchise that I knew I could put it to good use.

When I got home and added the purchase to the ABYSS I call my fabric bin, I felt guilty for being such a fabric hoarder. I definitely buy more fabric than I use. I’ve been pretty good about avoiding fabric purchases for some time now, but like I said, I have this thing about licensed fabric. So I decided I needed to immediately start using up some fabric for something — anything. Starting with Star Wars.

The Star Wars print, which was supposed to look like a bunch of comic book covers, had a rectangular shape on it that looked almost exactly the size of the zipper pouches I like to make. So I had to try it.


And when I pulled out my zipper collection, I discovered I had an “ugly” mustard yellow zipper that matched the fabric perfectly. And the zipper wasn’t “ugly” anymore – it was destined to be paired with this Star Wars fabric.


I really love how this zipper pouch turned out. It was one of those rare occasions where I made a project with absolutely no purpose or recipient in mind (although I already have a bunch of enthusiastic “volunteers” willing to take it off my hands – ha!).


But do you want to know why this project is so noteworthy and exciting to me? I made it completely from memory. I didn’t need to reference my favorite zipper pouch tutorial a single time.

You know how exciting it is when you drive to someone’s house for the first time without referencing the directions? As you’re driving along, you think, “I really don’t think I need the directions anymore” and you don’t even fire up the GPS as a safety net -and then you do it, as if you’ve been doing it for your entire life? Yeah. That’s what happened. Maybe I was subconsciously inspired by these words of wisdom from Yoda.


Now that I have this thing memorized, I want to time myself to see how long it takes to make one pouch. I never want to “rush” through my projects for the sake of setting a record, but I’m just curious how many I could get through in a weekend as the holidays draw closer! Hmmmmm…..

LindsaySignaturePS – I followed this clutch up with a ruffle version. LOOK AT THIS MAGIC!



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