A Crochet Journey

My freshman year of college, when most other college freshmen were out making bad decisions, I learned how to crochet. I made a few  lopsided afghans and then abandoned the art. This was in the pre-YouTube, pre-blog-tutorial days. I was confused by my store-bought directions and frustrated that my projects looked mediocre – so I gave up.

Fast forward to the last few months of grad school last spring. Hours upon hours were spent working on capstone projects and case studies and I needed an excuse to take small breaks at my  desk. Something in me made me want to try crochet again (I think that “something” was severe procrastination, but I digress). I pulled out my crochet hooks and searched for some YouTube videos, and crochet was once again a part of my life!

I started with a little flower. (Using this tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets)

Crochet Flower

Then I made a granny square for the flower to live on. (Using this YouTube video tutorial)

Crochet Granny Square with Flower

Then I felt extra daring, and made a trendy little baby hat. With a big flower. (Using this tutorial from Aesthetic Nest)

Crochet Baby Cap with Flower

But I don’t have a baby. So I put it on Duffy the Disney Bear. He liked it!

Duffy the Disney Bear Crochet Cap

See, sometimes good things do come from procrastination! As evidenced by these  yarn crafts.  At the time, I  did eventually have to put the crochet hooks away and focus on schoolwork.

But nowadays – no schoolwork awaits so I’ve been tackling all sorts of crafty projects, including crochet! Hopefully more to come as I attempt more projects.

Happy stitching!


3 thoughts on “A Crochet Journey

  1. You did a great job on your projects. Your Aunt would be so proud of you. Looking forward to seeing you again in the spring.
    Mrs. K.

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