Don’t judge a prom dress by its seamstress…

Sewing is for old people. Or at least, that’s what I’m often told. It’s the battle I prepare myself for every time I tell someone that I’m learning to sew and excited about it. I still remember the looks on my friends’ faces last year when I told them I was thinking about buying a sewing machine… yikes!

The “blogosphere” and internet world is running rampant with young sewers to whom I owe much credit for inspiring me to sew in the first place. And reality shows like Project Runway have definitely lent a helping hand in putting sewing in the spotlight. But I still get excited when I stumble across supporting evidence that young people enjoy sewing too.

So… I can’t help but love the JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores’ Own Your Look Prom Contest, which encourages teenagers to make their own prom garment and accessory for a chance to win up to $50,000. Some of the garments that these teens come up with are truly phenomenal. The contest rules state that “the student entrant must make the garment and accessory with little or no assistance from others,” but sometimes I have to wonder how exactly that is regulated. Regardless, I put good faith in these teenagers because it’s more fun than worrying about the rules! 🙂

I love looking at the previous years’ winners as well as the 2011 entries. Check out some of these stunning prom dresses, which are only a small sampling of the entries available for viewing on the web site. I’m looking forward to finding out who wins this year!

I love the criss-cross straps on this one!

The texture of the skirt is so intriguing... I want to touch it!

Reminds me of a pink version of Giselle's blue curtain dress in "Enchanted!"

I really enjoy the way the swirl was incorporated into the skirt.

Teenagers these days are classier than I ever was!

I want to see this shimmery fabric up close!

Simply stunning... maybe a little TOO stunning? What do you think?

Inspiration Station!

I’ve lived with roommates my entire adult life, so I’m a long way from my dream home. What’s my dream home? Who knows. I couldn’t tell you a thing about it, other than this: It will have a generous space devoted to crafting.

I can’t even fathom a timeline when said room might actually take shape, but I dream about it anyway. Out of curiosity, I started browsing the internet to see what other people’s craft spaces looked like. I was blown away by the creativity that went into these spectacular sanctuaries. But really, I shouldn’t have been surprised that innovative people create innovative workspaces!

When the time comes, I want to whip out my craft room blueprints and make my dreams a reality. I need to be ready! So I created an inspiration board to show how I imagine my craft space.

Craft Sewing Space Inspiration Board

(Source: I Google-imaged all of these and lost track of where they came from, so leave a comment and I will give you credit if your photo is in the mix!)

I want shelves upon shelves of see-through storage with colorful containers and tidy labels. I want countertops that stretch on for miles. I want racks hung up in rows with rainbows of ribbons and threads spilling down the wall. I want a sunshiney space where time stands still and seam rippers are never touched. I would appreciate enough floorspace for victory cartwheels and craft parties with friends. And in a dream world, I would top it off with one of those ridiculously priced but RIDICULOUSLY PERFECT pink or green desk chairs from Pottery Barn.

But at the center of it all will be sewing, crafting, creating… because that’s what it’s all about!

Kitchen camping? Yes, please!

In a few weeks, I’ll be spending a weekend camping out under the stars. It’s a trip I look forward to every year, although this year will be extra special because I actually own a tent! I usually have to rent or borrow, but this year I had a very lovely tent with my name on it under the Christmas tree!

While starting to prepare for my camping trip, I was reminded of this amazing sewing project I once stumbled across on the Obsessively Stitching blog – a play tent for kids, made to fit over a kitchen table, using a set of sheets and some PVC piping.

ARMY BUNKER TENT1(Click here to redirect to the Obsessively Stitching blog for a full tutorial!)

WOW. Talk about inspiration! Is this not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? What an amazing mom. She even created a drawstring bag out of one of the pillowcases to store the tent.

I’m still some years away from having kids, but I couldn’t help tucking this tutorial away in my files knowing that I’d like to revisit it again someday!

Aren’t you just dying to hang out in that tent for a bit while your mom cooks dinner? Yes, please!