Obligatory “First Post”

This is the obligatory “first post” in my new sewing and crafting blog. I dream that this cyberspace real estate will be used to share project updates, brainstorm exciting new ideas and create a diverse network of friends and followers!

I’ve always considered myself a crafty and creative individual, but just recently decided to dive into the wonderful world of sewing. I did lots of research, purchased my first sewing machine and have been very satisfied with the success of my first projects. Well, okay, some of my projects were admittedly unsuccessful. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about those later as I try to salvage the pitiful remains of catastrophic projects of the past!

Whether you’re an advanced crafter, just beginning, or someone who already knows me “in real life” and want to see what I’m up to, I hope that you’ll find my little corner of the web to be an intriguing getaway.

Thanks for stopping by!



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