Pixie dusted panels

This past weekend, I traveled across the country for a friend’s wedding and stayed with my parents. Not only did I get to raid my mom’s fabric collection (consisting of scraps dating back to Halloween costumes of the 80’s past) but I also got to visit Hancock Fabrics, a fabric store that I do not have in my area back home. Being a huge fan of the movie Peter Pan, and especially anything involving my favorite character Wendy Darling, I was immediately overcome with joy when I saw this 48″ x 60″ fleece panel:

Not only was the fleece panel amazing and magical, but it was ON SALE. So, although my fellow airplane passengers didn’t realize it, the return flight was sprinkled with a little pixie dust as Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael and Tinker Bell rode along inside my suitcase.

So now, the big question: what will become of the magical fleece panel? I imagine it will end up as a blanket, but simply sewing a solid fleece panel to the back seems…. boring.

Any suggestions for a creative touch?

4 thoughts on “Pixie dusted panels

    • I considered that, but I just don’t have any wall space to hang it! I’m much more likely to curl up with a snuggly blanket… even in Florida. 🙂

  1. make the back with quotes from the movie or lyrics from you can fly on it? or…do a backing with different colors? that panel is amazing! oh! You could do the backing with a cloud or star fabric?

  2. Hey! Is that the Thomas Kinkade print? It looks like it. It’s an amazing print, just sooo expensive. Thomas Kinkade plus Disney = major magic! Though I’ve always had a soft spot for his stuff….you know, I could have simply googled this instead of rambling all over your comments… 🙂

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