The Friday Five: 5 essential tools for new sewers

1) First and foremost, the seam ripper. To err is human, to rip seams is… the story of my life. I have a love/hate relationship with the seam ripper. Much like calling an ex-boyfriend for help moving heavy furniture, using the seam ripper is sometimes unavoidable but leaves you with a sense of pouty, annoyed defeat. Plus, it’s sort of creepy looking.



2)  An iron! I didn’t even own an iron before I started sewing. And middle-school-sewer Lindsay was usually too lazy to press seams which is probably why my sewing projects never looked very nice back then. I realized that when I’m told to press the seams, I should actually press the seams. So I bought an iron. Now my seams are happy!

3) A good vacuum. Tons of little thread clippings and fabric shavings tend to float around the entire house when there’s a big sewing project in the works. Right now I am not practicing what I preach – my vacuum is lousy and my carpet is full of clippings from past projects. I dream of getting one of those robot vacuums at some point in my life:

4) Tester fabric – like muslin, or fabric leftover from other projects. Don’t use the good stuff the first time around! You’ll end up teary-eyed when you have a pile of seam-ripped scraps that once was a beautiful, freshly folded square of carefully-chosen fabric. Make mistakes on the boring fabric first!

5) Rotary cutter and mat. I received mine as a gift from my mom when I bought my sewing machine. At first I thought it was a luxury item. It’s not… it’s a must-have. I shall never cut a clean, straight line on fabric without a rotary cutter again!


Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “The Friday Five: 5 essential tools for new sewers

  1. the seam ripper looks way more like something that should be in my nursing kit & not a sewing kit! It is creepy looking! Haha

    How did you not own an iron? You’re always so nice & neat & unwrinkled! I swear, everything I own wrinkles like mad! I iron my scrubs!

    When I graduate Nursing school and finally have a real job, I will totally buy you a robot vacuum. What would you name it?

    I love your blog. Even though I can’t sew to save my life (I recently repaired a clothing item with bandage tape & an iron…yeah) it’s still always interesting & I love seeing you blog! Yay Linds!

    • Not that you can’t get your own robot vacuum…or…yeah. That could have come across wrong..but you’ve put up with me for 4 years & have overlooked many a stumble on my part….it would just be exciting to get you something you really want and…yeah. Oh my gosh. I’m shutting up now.

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