Magical sewing skills!

Disney’s newest heroine, Rapunzel, from the phenomenal film Tangled knows how to sew!

Okay, so sewing wasn’t a huge focus in the movie or anything, but I was humored to see it represented at all. Not to mention, the screenshot above is simultaneously hilarious and adorable.

My favorite Disney character, Wendy Darling, also had mad sewing skills. She actually succeeded at the seemingly impossible task of sewing a shadow back onto Peter Pan:

Giselle from Enchanted took her sewing skills to a Frauline Maria level when she magically created her whimsical blue dress out of curtains:

Apparently Cinderella had some sewing know-how, as she was seen reading a dress pattern. However, it seems that the birds and mice really did most of the work, so Cinderella’s actual skills are debatable.

Hmm, any others that I missed?

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