The Friday Five: 5 reasons why sewing is like planning a trip to Walt Disney World

Disney Postcard

This week’s Friday Five comes to you after a week of massive snowstorms all across the country… in every state except Florida. Vacation on your mind? Here’s a few reasons why SEWING is like planning a trip to Walt Disney World…

1. There’s a perception that you have to be a certain age to enjoy it: Walt Disney World is for kids, and sewing is for senior citizens… NOT! I’m an almost-27-year-old who enjoys both immensely. Anyone who is familiar with the Disney theme parks or can foresee creative sewing possibilities knows that both sewing and Disney are for everybody!

2. It’s worth the wait! You may have to wait an hour to meet Tinker Bell, and it may take weeks or months to complete an extensive sewing project. But the end results are priceless: a meet and greet with a magical, famous fairy, or a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted item created by you. I’ll take all of the above, please!

3. Preparation (and anticipation) are key. Know how much time I spend roaming fabric stores? A lot. Know how much time I spend Googling sewing questions? A lot more. Do you know how crazy a person would be to visit a Disney theme park without preparing ahead of time? Very.

4. For many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal. Most families only get the chance to visit a Disney theme park once in their lives – if that. And while there seems to be a big network of sewers all over internet message boards, it’s more common to run into someone who says, “Oh, I sewed a ____________ once.” Fill in the blank with the appropriate common once-in-a-lifetime sewing experience: Halloween costume, button-on-a-shirt, project in home ec class.

5. Both Disney and sewing are good, clean fun. In my teenage and young(er) adult years, I may have been more hesitant to admit that I preferred good ‘ole family-friendly fun over whatever inappropriate/undignified trendy activity my peers were partaking in. These days? Please. Every morning, my toaster burns Mickey Mouse’s face into my toast. I write a sewing blog. I like good, clean fun, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! 🙂

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