Sunny Summer Sewing Projects: Tutorial Roundup

It’s summer! And unlike most people, I love summers here in Florida. I love spending scorching sunny days poolside with a good book and a LOT of sunblock! Lucky for me, the Florida summer lasts about six months instead of the standard three, so I don’t feel guilty spending some time inside crafting even when the sun is shining. ūüôā

Of course, I plan on keeping my project list bright and summery. No plans for heavy quilts or winter projects! Check out some of these FREE (!!!) tutorials I’ve recently added to my summer project inspiration list.

Summer Sewing: Free Project Tutorial Roundup

This adorable¬†strawberry bag¬†folds up into a tiny take-along strawberry when you’re not using it. Hello, Farmer’s Market!¬†Click here for the free strawberry bag tutorial at ikatbag!

Strawberry Bag Sewing Project

Photos & tutorial courtesy of

What’s a day at the pool without a¬†hooded towel? And these aren’t just for kids — I’m 27 and may or may not have hooded towels with Mickey ears folded up in my bathroom closet.¬†Click here for the free hooded towel tutorial at Obsessively Stitching!

Hooded Towel Sewing Project

Photo and tutorial courtesy of

Although these are usually advertised for carrying cloth diapers, wet bags are perfect for carrying damp swimsuits! Click here for the free wet bag tutorial at A Lemon Squeezy.

Wet Bag Sewing Tutorial

Photo and tutorial courtesy of

This insulated picnic tote is perfect for keeping groceries cold on a sweltering summertime car ride home. I desperately need one of these! Click here for the free insulated tote tutorial at Punkin Patterns.

Insulted Tote Sewing Tutorial

Photo and tutorial courtesy of

Check out this quaint little bike bag for that special cyclist in your life. Click here for a free bike bag tutorial from noodlehead. 

Bike Bag Sewing Tutorial

Photo and tutorial courtesy of

Any picnic blanket is a nice-to-have item Рbut a tote bag picnic blanket is a must-have! Click here for a free picnic blanket tote tutorial at Craft Buds.

Picnic tote sewing tutorial

Photos and tutorial courtesy of

This¬†garden apron¬†is so cute that I don’t think I could bear to get it dirty!¬†Click here for a free garden apron tutorial at Make it Do.¬†

Garden apron sewing tutorial

Photo and tutorial courtesy of

Just look at these¬†giant¬†strawberry pillows. Honestly. Have you ever seen anything more magical? I’m in awe. I just love these.¬†Click here for the free strawberry pillow sewing tutorial from The Purl Bee.¬†

Strawberry pillow sewing tutorial

Photo and tutorial courtesy of

Believe it or not, these projects are just the tip of the iceberg. I found tons of inspirational summer sewing tutorials out floating around the internet – it was really hard to narrow down my favorites!

What’s on your craft list this summer?



13 thoughts on “Sunny Summer Sewing Projects: Tutorial Roundup

  1. The pics are really cute. I have an old Juki industrial machine that still works. I’d like to make a huge grocery bag. I’m always buying the eco-friendly bags for a dollar. If I finish my intended project imagine the money I’ll save. Thanks for sharing

    • I have actually seen fabric for re-usable grocery bags at the store and it’s not very expensive! Good luck, and keep me updated if your bags are a success! ūüôā

  2. I LOVE finding free tutorials online!! They’re the best! The strawberry bag is so berry cute! (Sorry had to channel Strawberry Shortcake for a bit!)

    PS-Six months of Florida summer…sigh…bring it up as often as you like!! :0)

  3. Thanks for featuring my strawberry bag, Lindsay! And I’ve loved those giant strawberry pillows forever. I so badly want to make them, but we have NO room to store them when the winter comes. Argh!

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  6. Love all of your wonderful ideas, Thanks for sharing.would love to know if anyone has macrame plant hanger patterns that they would share for I have a lot on my patio with hanging plants, and get a lot of compliments on them Thanks again Fran

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