The day I broke up with my TV tray

Ever since I bought my sewing machine a little over a year ago, I’ve been using a sad little TV tray for my sewing setup. Yes… a TV tray. Wah wah.

Wooden TV Tray with lunch

TV Trays: Ideal for lunch, not for sewing machines.

I recently moved from a tiny apartment to a luxurious townhouse, and in the process, moved into a new bedroom with the most spectacular sewing nook in the universe. The angled walls create a picture-perfect alcove that screams “CREATIVE THINGS NEED TO HAPPEN HERE!”

Bedroom floor plan

I refuse to let this cozy nook be anything less than amazing.

It was immediately clear that a TV tray sewing setup would NOT do my sewing getaway any justice.

I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend: the HEMNES secretary desk from IKEA.

IKEA Hemnes secretary desk study and sewing oasis

I promise I will actually read that Econ book once I'm done using it as a photo prop.

My love for this desk is threefold.

  • One: The need for a new sewing oasis (Sorry, TV tray… this just isn’t going to work out)
  • Two: A place to do my schoolwork for grad school (Studying: a necessary evil)
  • Three: The desire for a neat and orderly bedroom… (i.e. – shove all my junk inside the desk and close it up. Secret messes.)

And as a bonus, this desk matches my already existing HEMNES bedroom set.

Yep. I might love this desk more than I love fabric softener.

Anyone need a sad and lonely TV tray?

5 thoughts on “The day I broke up with my TV tray

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    • It wasn’t too difficult, but this is coming from someone who assembled a bunch of IKEA HEMNES pieces prior to the desk. I do believe the electric drill was necessary. I didn’t have one and was able to complete most, but not all, of the desk before calling a friend over to help.

  2. I’m looking to perhaps purchase a Hemnes secretary for similar reasons….a place to do school work and be able to stash it all away when visitors are over (mine would have to be out in our living room). What I’m concerned about is if the drop down top/table to is sturdy enough to actually work on. Do you put your sewing machine on it? Do you think it would hold up to a laptop and resting your elbows on it when you’re staring at the screen wishing this paper would just write itself already? Also, how big of a work space is it? I can’t find dimensions anywhere online! Thanks for any feedback.

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