‘Shaving’ the best project for last!

I ‘mustache’ you – have you ever seen a stitched greeting card? I ‘shaved’ this project for last…

Ha  ha ha.

Just when you thought I was done talking about “Mustaches + Elephants,” I have one more little nugget to share!

A few hours before my friend Amanda’s baby shower in which I planned to present her with the legendary Mustaches & Elephants Quilt, I decided to make a card to match the quilt. Since Amanda’s baby shower was mustache-themed, I wanted to go the mustache route (sorry, elephants).


I used some of the green fabric leftover from the quilt, but not the actual mustache or elephant fabrics – I didn’t want to give away the awesome mustache-elephant combo surprise before Amanda actually opened the quilt!

Stitching onto paper is ridiculously easy and strangely satisfying. I used some fusible web on the back of the fabric and left the paper in tact when cutting out the shapes – it’s so much easier to cut with the paper backing. I left the paper on the shape and used a few microscopic dots of Elmer’s glue to hold the shape in place on the card. And then I stitched as usual. I had to construct in “layer” order from bottom to top – glue and stitch the green shape, then glue and stitch the mustache.

The fun part about these cards is that you can see the stitching on the inside – so the recipient knows the stitching is legit!



A few years ago, I stitched a few Christmas cards, but never got to blog about them here. At that time, I’d bought a giant pack of 50 blank cards and only used about three of them. So needless to say, I have a lot of cards leftover… I see a lot of card making in my future!


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