Sewin’ and Sergin’

A little belated, but Merry Christmas, my friends!

Santa was oh-so-good to me this year and brought me a Brother 1034D serger!

Serger love + Winnie photobomb

Serger love + Winnie photobomb

There have been a number of situations in the past year or so where I’ve thought, “I wish I had a serger” while working on one project or another. I even included “use a serger” on my list of 100 No Pressure Projects. Now I have no excuse not to cross that goal off my list!

If you’ve never heard of a serger (also called an overlock machine), it’s a type of sewing machine that will add nice, finished edges to projects. Sergers are most commonly used for the seams of garments – refer to the fancy stitching on the inside edge of your t-shirt to see what I mean. Even though I haven’t completely delved into the world of garment-making, I still have a bunch of ideas in mind for how to use this machine.

Sergers can be a little intimidating, with four spools of thread, two needles and even a blade that will cut fabric as you feed it through the machine, so it might take me awhile to get the hang of it. I fully intend to sit down with the machine, the manual and a bunch of YouTube videos sometime soon. Right now, I’m still a little overwhelmed with my standard machine while I finish up some belated Christmas gifts! Yes… I know… Christmas is over…


Funny story: I made the mistake of giving my dad a pair of too-long pants for Christmas, only to have him hand them back to me and say “hem them with your new machine!” So I guess I will have to figure this thing out pretty soon… either that, or take a secret trip to the dry cleaner with my dad’s new pants in tow. 😉

More news about things I sewed throughout December, coming soon!


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