I love sheep!

Did you know I love sheep? Well, I do. I can’t really explain why – it’s just one of those things – but I love sheep in all forms: pictures of sheep, plush sheep, edibles that use marshmallows to look like sheep, the real sheep that “baa” and even sheep measuring cups.

Sheep measuring cups

Maybe you thought I was kidding about the measuring cups.

I know, the sheep thing is a little weird, but so am I. My loved ones are kind enough to just embrace it! I have a steadily-growing plush sheep collection above my desk at work, and more than half of those sheep have come from my family and friends.

So imagine how excited I was to stumble across this Little Lamb Pillow tutorial at The Purl Bee – and just in time for Easter!

Little lamb pillows

Photos & tutorial courtesy of http://www.purlbee.com

Magical, right? I love the way the wavy cutting lends itself to the lamb’s “wool.” Can’t wait to try these out!

Do you have a strange favorite animal, too? Or am I the only one?

2 thoughts on “I love sheep!

  1. Sheep are cute! (On a somewhat related note, my mom likes lambs – I bought her two plush ones)

    Now stingrays on the other hand – I would consider them to be a little strange for a favorite animal. 😉 I started liking them last year – but I think I like swimming with them more than anything! Other favorites are dolphins and manatees. Kind of have a marine theme going here…..:)

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