A magic-filled weekend

This past weekend, the Disney Parks Blog posted this awesome video showcasing how the outfits are created for the little dolls in the ‘it’s a small world‘ attraction…

How incredible is that? I loved seeing the huge binder full of reference photos and the drawer of bling. I want a drawer of bling! Right now I just have a Tupperware of buttons. And most of them are un-fun buttons that come attached to the tag of a new shirt. So… not nearly as magical as the drawer of bling.

The post on the Disney Parks blog was actually pretty timely because I got a chance to visit Magic Kingdom Park this past weekend, and even took a little cruise through ‘it’s a small world!’ I didn’t get any photos on ‘it’s a small world,’ but I did get this photo of one of the floats in the new Festival of Fantasy parade – sewing represent!

Sewing Cinderella's Dress in the Festival of Fantasy Parade

The day at Magic Kingdom was a welcome distraction, as I spent the other half of the weekend trying to thread (and use) a hand-me-down serger – which I think must be broken, because I never got it to work! 😦

How was your weekend?


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