Sweet Success

My mom loves iced tea. Really, she is a self-proclaimed iced tea addict. I grew up hearing, “Can you pass me a pink/yellow/blue packet?” in restaurants as she requested her sweetener of choice. But of course, for those emergency-sweetener-situations, she always has some packets in her purse. When I made my mom an earbud zipper pouch (she’s as addicted to music as she is to iced tea) she mentioned that it might be a good size for her sugar packets.

I had a Barney Stinson moment: “Challenge Accepted!”

Barney Stinson: Challenge Accepted

Side Note: This Barney Stinson graphic is going to be a recurring image in my blog every time I try something new. Because it’s awesome.

Okay, so making a separate zippy pouch for sugar packets wasn’t really that big of a challenge, but I knew that I could do better than the circular earbuds pouch. Here’s the thing with sewing: you don’t have to “make do.” You don’t have to say, “I guess this MIGHT work for my sugar packets.” No. You get to say, “Let’s make something that WILL work.”

Enter the Quick and Easy Zippy Pouch tutorial from Dog under My Desk – the same site that provided the circular earbud pouch tutorial. Bam!

I made one of the pouches in some floral mom-ish fabric and then I remembered that I had a a fun tea-themed fat quarter that my roommate Katie once picked up for me at Pacific Fabrics in Seattle. How adorable is this fabric? And the best part – iced tea is represented!

Cream And Sugar Tea For Two Multi by Windham Fabrics

Cream And Sugar Tea For Two Multi by Windham Fabrics

So a second version of the zippy pouch was created with the tea fabric! It took some precise measuring, but I got the “iced tea” portion of the fabric perfectly aligned with the back side of the pouch. It’s too bad that the pouch is too small to capture all of the incredible designs on the fabric, but the iced tea part is there and that’s the most important. 😉

Iced tea sugar packet zipper pouch


And of course, I love to line my projects with a fun, coordinating fabric – and this time, orange dots made the cut!  The orange dots were leftover from the Chicago Bears shirt I created for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Iced tea sugar packet zipper pouch

Last night, I went to dinner with my parents and my mom pulled the sugar pouch out of her purse – so I’d say this project was a success!

A few weeks ago, I put this tutorial to good use once again when I whipped together three pouches for Admin Professionals Day at work. I’d highly recommend this quick and easy little tutorial, especially if you’re new to zippers and you’re looking for a starter zipper project. These pouches make great little gifts!

Have fun!


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