How to build a (magical) wreath

It’s Christmastime, which means I can’t talk about any of my sewing projects because they’re all a secret. But even though I have to keep my projects under wraps until the holidays are over, I still have a fun Christmas craft to share!

One of my favorite Christmas decorations to pull out of storage each year is the Mickey wreath I crafted over five years ago. Come December, I swear I have more interaction with my neighbors than I do all year long… all because they are asking about the wreath!

Mickey Mouse Wreath Tutorial on

Last year, I decided to replace the lights on the wreath with twinkle lights – turned out they were the “cool white” lights and are a little more blinding than I had anticipated. I’m pretty sure planes have thought about landing on my house. But I love the twinkle!


Here’s a quick little guide for how to make your own Mickey wreath!


  • Start with three plain wreaths – one should be slightly larger than the other two.
  • Use craft or floral wire to attach the “ears” to the larger wreath. Floral wire can be a little flimsy, but has the benefit of blending in with the wreath. You may want use a hearty amount of wire to make sure the ears stay secure!
  • Wrap the entire wreath in lights. I used two boxes of 60-count twinkle lights for mine. Start with one ear, work through the larger wreath, and then end on the third ear. Make sure the  end of the strand ends up in a place on the wreath that makes it easy to connect it to a power cord — which could be the top, bottom, or side, depending on where you plan to hang the final product.
  • Add optional accessories! I added red ornaments to my wreath. The floral section at the craft store has little ornaments with wires on the back so they’re easy to secure.
  • You can also add a big, festive bow! I had a bow on my wreath but it fell off last year, so I need to go get a new one (sad face). Add the bow to the bottom of the wreath to look like Mickey’s bow tie, or between the ears to look like Minnie’s bow. Either way, your wreath will be magical!

Happy holiday crafting, magical friends!


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