Easter Peeps Bunny Bunting

Happy (Early) Easter!

After posting ten inspirational Easter tutorials last week, I wanted to actually make one of the projects I showcased. My only rule was that I had to be resourceful and only use supplies that I already had on hand. For awhile now, I’ve felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of fabric and supplies that I already have. I have to draw the line somewhere. No more!

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Safety Story: How (not) to use a rotary cutter

Friends, I consider myself pretty darn safety conscious. I am constantly thinking about safety when I’m at work, so I naturally practice safe behaviors at home too. I’m even in the habit of telling people, “be safe” when we’re saying our goodbyes and going our separate ways.

Sewing Hazard Ahead

Warning: Sewing Hazard Ahead

So, the fact that I chose to open a box using my rotary cutter was a pretty stupid decision. I was in a rush and the rotary cutter was right there. The rotary cutter slipped and I sliced my hand – I’ll spare you the photos. But just know that the end result was not good. Luckily, it wasn’t bad enough to seek professional medical attention… especially since this happened around 11:45 p.m. (maybe this is a lesson about how I shouldn’t attempt to be productive so close to bedtime).

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Ten Easter sewing projects: free tutorial roundup!

Spring is here! I wish I could say that I’m spending time outside today, but the pollen count is so high in Florida right now that I’m stuck inside taking allergy meds. Yuck.

But this springtime weather has me feeling inspired, so I’ve raided my Pinterest boards and pulled out ten of my favorite Easter-inspired projects for this free tutorial roundup! Scroll down for links to all of the projects shown below.

10 Easter Sewing Projects: Free Tutorial Roundup on the SewLindsaySew blog.

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The 30-year-old, the plastic dishes and the duvet cover

Last month, I turned 30. Coincidentally, on the morning of my birthday, my favorite radio show was discussing just that – being 30.

Side Bar: I’ve been listening to The Eric & Kathy show since I was a teenager driving to school in Chicago – and even since moving to Florida, the show has always been a part of my life. First via downloadable podcasts, but these days, via live streaming. If you’re ever in need of a fantastic and hilarious daily podcast – check them out!

The Eric & Kathy Show on 101.9 FM The Mix WTMX Chicago

Anyway, on the morning of my birthday, Eric and Kathy were discussing an article titled, “10 things you should have in your home by the time you’re 30.” As if turning 30 weren’t stressful enough – now there are rules?

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A little bit country…

In the past year or so, I’ve become a little bit country. Or… a lot country.

I work with a bunch of country-music lovin’ ladies who like to discuss the latest and greatest country music artists around the water cooler. I’ve had a handful of country songs on my playlists over the years, but had never listened to country exclusively. I finally programmed the local country radio station into my car’s pre-sets, just so that I’d know what these ladies were talking about from time to time… and within just a few days – I. FELL. IN. LOVE. That was at least six months ago, and I’m still going strong!

So, when I wanted to make a jewelry roll for one of my work lady-friends, of course the first theme I thought of was… country!  Continue reading

For my buds…

A few weeks ago I was in the mood for a quick project, so I decided to try this Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial over at Dog Under My Desk. I’m so appreciative that the internet is chock full of these great, photo-heavy tutorials. My sewing journey would be completely hampered without all of these incredible resources at my fingertips.

I use earbuds at work from time to time, but they are always floating around between drawers or crammed at the bottom of my laptop bag. Now I have this little guy hanging on my cube wall, ready to provide my buds at a moments notice.

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Princess Windy City & the Tale of the Superfluous Sparkle Skirt

Last weekend, I ran the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Aladdin, Flynn Rider and Prince Eric

Roadside distractions! Aladdin, Flynn Rider and Prince Eric.

Years ago, one of my roommates ran Disney’s (now defunct) Race for the Taste, and when I saw her cross the finish line, I was inspired to start running just so that I could experience a Disney race for myself. Since then, I’ve participated in a variety of races… 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, corporate races, mud pit races, “distance dare” events (two races in one day), races where they fling colored powder at you, races that end with a spin on Expedition Everest… the list goes on. Continue reading

Farewell, Florida Friend

I moved to Florida in late 2006 and didn’t know a single soul when I arrived. Sometimes when I step back and look at my “Florida Life,” I can’t believe how many wonderful relationships I’ve developed in eight years!

I met Jamie just a few months after arriving in Florida, so she’s always been a staple in my “Florida Life.” For about four years, we worked on the same team with side-by-side offices. It wasn’t unusual to find us taking a juggling break in the hallway. Yes –  actual juggling – flying objects and all… it’s a great stress reliever on a work day! As long as it’s done safely. 😉

An office selfie with Jamie… back in the day, before selfies were a “thing.”

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Katie’s Knitting Bag

I’ve lived with my roommate Katie for almost five years. She’s neat for lots of reasons. But one major common thread that brings us together is that she loves crafty things as much as I do! Okay, she’s not nearly as ridiculous as I am, but she has an appreciation for it all the same.


Just before Christmas, I taught Katie the basics of crochet. She was out of town for the holidays so I didn’t need to have her Christmas gift ready until she returned in January. The plan was to get Katie some of her own crochet supplies and a sew a neat little crochet hook holder while she was gone. Continue reading

Zippity Doo Dah!

You know it’s going to be a good day when the Google Doodle makes you smile. Today’s Google screen celebrates Gideon Sundbäck, the man who perfected the zipper. The letters look like they were embroidered and you can actually use your cursor to “unzip” the screen. Amazing. It’s the little things in life, people.

Google Doodle Zipper


While I’m incredibly thankful for the flexibility that the zipper has brought into our lives, I’m making a mental note to curse this man every time the needle on my sewing machine hits a zipper and makes that scary shuddering noise.

Oh the things we learn from the Google Doodle. Happy birthday, zipper man!